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Once upon a time, a child star named Justin Bieber went to Madrid for some concert and dared to wear a Barcelona shirt. Miraculously, the young man escaped the city alive [via]

Then he went to Barcelona (i'm assuming...) and did a concert there while wearing this

Then he was invited to Ciutat Esportiva to play a couple games with Bojan and some Barca B players (rumour is that Bojan apparently mishead a rumour that Bieber was being signed and this was the catalyst that sparked his departure from the club [via marca])

However, not content with appealing solely to cule fangirls, he decided to expand his scope and proudly display his affinity for the Spanish National Team [via sport]

In a final twist, Bieber, realizing that he had still alienated a portion of Madridista fangirls, appeared over the weekend holding a Real Madrid shirt, after inviting Jose Mourinho's daughter to become his newest teenage bride [via]

What do madridistas and cules think of this? Cule in the spring, La Roja fan in the summer, Madridista in the fall? Where will Bieber go in the winter? Only time will tell....

Tags: advanced strains of stds, arsène wenger, barely legal!, birthday post, bojan krkic perez, clásico tag now necessary, i actually need the toilet, jailbait, lol, me you fuck fuck, not a fucking footballer, oh god please no, perez has done it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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