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Best take advantage, be all that you can be.

^^Chelsea's two mathematically skinniest players. Notice what they have in common?

As promised, more number geeking regarding squad weights this time, as opposed to heights. Figures from the club website:

From heaviest to lightest:
Romelu Lukaku
Petr Cech91.71
Didier Drogba 91
John Terry 90.34
Frank Lampard 88
Henrique Hilario 88
Branislav Ivanovic 86
John Obi Mikel 86
Michael Essien 85.35
Ross Turnbull 85
Ryan Bertrand 85
David Luiz 84
Oriol Romeu 79
Salomon Kalou78.54
Nicolas Anelka 77
Daniel Sturridge 76
Paulo Ferreira 76
Jose Bosingwa 75
Florent Malouda 73
Ramires 73
Fernando Torres 70
Ashley Cole66
Raul Meireles 65
Young Joshua 64.92
Juan Mata 61
Squad average80.03308
Standard deviation9.541848

Juan Mata is a loooot skinnier than me, so jell! :oooo I could have sworn Ashley Cole used to be a bit lighter than that, but that may have been when he was weighed when he came back from a spell out with the flu, and with that, didn't each much. Torres seemed to be very thin for his height, so I took it further and calculated BMIs:

Raul Meireles 20.28651
Fernando Torres 20.45289
Young Joshua 20.48984
Juan Mata 21.10727
Ashley Cole21.30682
Florent Malouda 22.28259
Jose Bosingwa 22.39541
Ramires 22.53086
Paulo Ferreira 22.69402
Salomon Kalou22.70205
Nicolas Anelka 22.74338
Ross Turnbull 22.8194
David Luiz 23.51558
Daniel Sturridge 23.71961
Oriol Romeu 23.84978
Petr Cech23.87287
Branislav Ivanovic 24.33228
John Obi Mikel 24.33228
Henrique Hilario 24.89814
Didier Drogba 25.47521
John Terry 25.83431
Frank Lampard 25.99244
Romelu Lukaku26.03878
Ryan Bertrand 26.52851
Michael Essien 27.24313
Squad average23.58458

Check Raul out, true to hipster roots, the thinnest in the squad so he can squeeze himself into those skinnies ;) Fatnando is practically anorexic by Chelsea BMI standards! Our Iberian contingent all are pretty thin, although I am surprised at Essien having the highest BMI as he never looked particularly ~heavy (must all be tightly compressed in). And, that age old addage, Fat Frank? Well, by Chelsea BMI standards, yes, he is, quite literally "fat" haha :p

Glad I answered that one!

Your turn bbs! Rank your squad in terms of weight, and if you so desire, BMI! (if you did height yesterday, it should be a doddle, just slap it all into Excel)
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