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Manchester United and City fans urged to 'trash their Carlos Tevez shirt'

Fans of Manchester United and City will be given the chance to banish the memory of Carlos Tevez (even if it is only from their respective wardrobes), by binning their No.32 replica jerseys in exchange for sparkly new ones.

The Argentinean international has got himself into the nasty situation of being the subject of both rival supporters frustrations, and now bookmakers Betfair will give fans an eco-friendly chance to vent their feelings towards the striker at the Manchester derby.

The Red Devils sponsors will deploy a giant recycling skip outside Old Trafford on Sunday, and offer fans a chance to ‘trash their Tevez shirt’ in exchange for brand new ones. 

The unwanted shirts will then be nobly dispatched to his native Argentina and dished out to local charities. 

‘Time and time again Tevez has let the fans down,' said Betfair spokesman Alex Bake.   

'What better way for fed up supporters to show they want rid of him for good than by dumping their shirts.   

'These two sets of supporters don't often see eye to eye, but I'm sure they'll all be pleased if he leaves Manchester in the January transfer window.'

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