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Plump like Roast and Thicker than most...

Picspam with shiz I stole from tumblr time!

You are about to enter a zone of unadulterated sexiness. Go grab a towel and an energy drink baby. This post gon' work you guuud!

So let me start by say that though I am a Madridista and this post will mostly be pics of players from Real Madrid, they aren't the ONLY footballers that I want to bone like. So, I'll be doing posts on some other players later (I'll even do a Barca post so that no one gets their mammaries in a knot). Enjoy.

Ok so seriously, tumblr has made me fall in love with Mesut. He's cute and quiet and a damn good player. Also, I love his bitchface. Who doesn't love a good bitch face?

So I have a confession to make. I don't know if I want to have the sex with Cristiano Ronaldo or not... See, when I see pics like this:

and this:

I'm like heeeeeey! ...But then I see something like this:

and I'm like

Help me out here people. Should I permanently add CR7 to the spank bank or keep it to a situation to situation basis kind of thing?

Someone who's been in the spank bank forever:

Karim Benzema is my baby daddy. No really. We're gonna get married and adopt so many bbs one day. SHUT UP YES WE ARE!

I mean look at that up there. He's so gansta with it! ...and his insatiable lipses! OMG!!!

So hot...

Wait wait wait. I can't BELIEVE I skipped over Kaka. Wtf am I thinking here? Everyone knows Cris goes next to Kaka.

This dude is simply too precious for this world!

So sexy and he probably doesn't even know it or think so!

I mean look at this smile!

He's too perfect tbh. Maybe he's into weird shit in bed...I mean there has to be SOMETHING wrong with him.

Next up we have the Dynamic Duo. I personally call them Pinky and The Brain, but they're better known as Alvaro and Raul.

They are always together.


No seriously:

I mean...if I didn't KNOW any better:

Oh come ON NOW!

To be fair they do hang out with other people sometimes...

but its just not the same:

There can't be a post like this without Redbone himself, Mr Xabi Alonso!

Xabi is every woman, Ok? Its all in him.

He's Classy

He's Sexy

He's Sassy

He's Adorable

He's Scruffy

and he is not having any of your bullshit. THANK YOU.

And of course we can't leave out Sergio!

...That's not Sergio...


Ugh, FINALLY! Thank you! asshole

Here he is being sexy with Xabi!

Here he is staring off into space thinking about washing his hair and eating oats while Raul dazzles us with his rippling abdominals...damn...

Sergio has some dazzling assessts of his own though!

And he'd be an amazing stripper:

Here he is fighting with some stranger bitch. Idk, who the fuck this is...


It was a JOKE Fernando! JFC, pop a Midol son!

That's better.

Finally, We have Iker Casillas. San Iker. El Hefe. Iker es mi hombre, you know. You have also now seen the extent of my spanish. Here's some pics to fap to! :D

Ok so I know what you're thinking. Where is Marcelo...? Not enough Higuain tbh. What about Pepe? Omg Coentrao THOUGH! That's what YOU'RE for homie! Post pics of your fave Blanco. Not a Madridista? POST WHOEVER YOU LIKE! This post is an excuse to perv and party. HAVE FUN!

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