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Torp needs implanted defibrillator

Football career is probably over for the Norwegian talent.

Dagbladet: Carl-Erik Torp will have implanted a defibrillator on Monday. The operation will take place at Haukeland hospital, according to SK Brann on the club website .

The career as a top player is probably over for the 27-year-old who collapsed after a cardiac arrest during the match between SK Brann and Sogndal on Fosshaugane last weekend.

- It is of course a tough message to get, but I'm grateful that I'm alive, says Torp.

According to the message from Brann.no Torp has a serious heart defect. The reason is not finalized, but the doctors have therefore concluded that he needs to operate in a defibrillator.

SK Brann says they want to give Torp a role in the club even though he will not be able to play.

- When Carl-Erik is ready for it, we'll sit down and discuss the situation with him. He is a lovely boy and a resource person that we should take responsibility for the future, said  SK Brann CEO Roald Bruun-Hanssen.


Looks like he also will miss the Norwegian Cup final in November. He always said he wanted to win that. SK Brann were predicted to go down a division this season, but here we are. Cup final and 4th place. You can also send your good luck wishes to Torp on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/cenoto
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