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Speaking of fierce bitches

Sporting KC player professes his love to Hope Solo in rap form

If you're easily embarrassed by people reciting love poems to strangers, you might want to look away now. If not, prepare to enjoy.

The U.S. Women's national team will play a friendly against Canada on Saturday and they've been preparing at MLS side Sporting Kansas City's training complex. So, Sporting KC striker C.J. Sapong decided to seize this opportunity to tell Hope Solo how he feels about her. In front of a few cameras and a several members of both their teams.

After introducing himself and telling her about his body fat percentage, C.J. makes her blush by revealing that he has a "poem/rap" for her. It starts a little slow, involves C.J. touching himself and when he gets to the part about wearing each other's clothes on the beach, she starts laughing and he says he "messed it all up." With a little reassurance from Hope and the growing crowd, C.J. started over with a little more confidence and found his rhythm and a friend beatboxed for the rap part of his performance highlighted by the line "angels really do exist and girl you are the proof."

His closer: "Hope Solo, Hope Solo, can you make my dream come true? There are no beaches in KC, but a hug from you will do." And it worked. Not only did he get the hug, but a surprise kiss on the neck that caused him to collapse on the ground.

And that's how C.J. Sapong won Thursday, September 15.


PRICELESS. The best part is her teammates in the background. ABBY WAMBACH'S FACE OMG. And let's face it, he's just the only one brave enough to say what we're all thinking.
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