Like a magpie I live for glitter, not you (melj1213) wrote in ontd_football,
Like a magpie I live for glitter, not you


So, we all know that La Roja like to tweet when they are on NT duty, the RM players especially ... well today was no different in that we got lots of twitpics, but today was a little different ...

It all started when the Amazing Alvaro tweeted us a picture of a hot team mate before training ...

If it ended here, then it would just be another crazy night on twitter for our boys, but no ...

to Iker's Facebook page, where only a few minutes after Arbeloa tweeeted the picture of Xabi, Iker had uploaded a picture of his own ...

So it looks like we have found Xabi's biggest fans XD

So, lets have a picture post:
Post your favourite weird/crazy/inceptionesque picture of a baller!
Tags: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, "that guy", alvaro arbeloa, club: real madrid, iker casillas, mourinho's cold-blooded enforcers, nt: spain, raúl albiol, team buildin' exacise (not toniiight), twatter, twitter, unbridled joy, xabeard, xabi alonso

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