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Peter Potter and the Terrible Attempt at a Hipster Reference.

Allo. I come bringing gifts! If by gifts you meant crappy photos of articles pertaining to random things to do with the England NT, and Peter Crouch =)

As you know, Crouchiebung completed a switch from Spurs to Stoke on Thursday. Location wise, a move from London to anywhere else in the UK is perceived as a ~step down~, not just for the player, but for their wags too (it was rumoured that Shevchenko wanted to play for Chelsea cos his wife wanted to go to Harrod's everyday). Sweeping generalization is sweeping of course, and I'm just voicing the general masses' opinion so don't shoot the messager :p (it was funny, Metro magazine said that "moves across London are very much in Vogue right now", it was so Anna Wintour ;) Anyway one lovely reporter went up to Stoke to see what it has in store for Peterpoo:


And here's an article about the move:-

Regardless of what the place is like, I'm really happy Pete moved on, he wasn't getting that many starts at Spurs and what with Adebayor coming, he would only have been bumped further down the pecking order. I think he'll get a LOT more playing time with Stoke, plus they're also in the Europa League like Spurs, so Crouchie will still be in Europe!!! \o/ His first game as a Potter could be against Liverpool. I BLOODY HOPE HE SCORES~~~~

Have John Terry's take on the best strikers in the world

And finally, from Sport magazine, a graph highlighting just how asinine these FIFA ranking thingymajigs are!!

I just realised that it's been over five years since June 2006, when I started falling for Crouchiebung as a hormonal 16 year old girl. I need to grow up! :/ :/ ;)

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