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the night is dark and full of turnips

photocall cuteness/BAE with some real talk/♫ spurs through the hearts, and ur to blame ♫

i know u were desperately waiting all summer for one of these, do not lie ;)

the club's facebook knows what the fans want.

what did brad say?? i am also digging clive allen's :3

this young fella right here is jake livermore. remember because he'll be important later in the post!

ok, by the end of last season, even if i felt the season ended anti-climatically, i still found time to wax rapturously over benoit assou-ekotto; he really did become one of the most (if not the most) consistent players on the team.

and that's just on the pitch. off it, he comes across as chill and honest, and he's added to his collection of cool interviews with this one from a week ago, where he beat crouch to the punch. i recommend watching it!

anyway, on thursday the team had a game for europa league qualification and while it wasn't as vomit-inducing as the young boys CL game (what a difference a year makes~) there were still thrills, spills and more thrills. a kind soul on tumblr animated some of the major parts but you can take a trip down memory lane right here too.

seriously though there were a lot of goals and a lot of :DDD and other types of things that i usually put in so i might not add as much ~commentary otherwise i'll be up all night!

vdv 5'

defoe 13'

okayyyy this one got me super happy because jake's been loaned out to different clubs for (what feels like) ages so seeing him score for the team was nice :333

livermore 28'

that same kind soul made this:

hopefully i'll have reasons to use it often......

for a spell after halftime things looked ~dangerous and gomes made some fine saves.

around this time tom huddlestone was subbed in and i was sooooo happy; he made a really good effort to try and score but it hit the crossbar. then he helped one of _fb's welsh boyfriends score.

bale 63'

kyle walker doing work

lennon 78' cretins did not put all the photos i wanted of this up, don't they take my feelings about his goals under consideration


if you made it this far i salute you (and the fans who stayed to the end)

facebook album
pictures 1
pictures 2

now for the first league game of the united away. what delight.
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