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London's burning

Spurs fear riots could threaten opening Premier League match against Everton

Tottenham must wait to hear if the club’s Premier League kick-off at home to Everton on Saturday will be postponed after riots in the area.
White Hart Lane is less than a mile from Tottenham Police Station, where around 300 people gathered from 5.30pm on Saturday to protest over the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan, 29.

The demonstration was trouble-free until around 8.20pm, when two police cars were attacked on High Road. Buildings and cars were then set alight, 48 people were arrested and eight police officers taken to hospital. The Metropolitan Police are ‘aware’ further disorder is being planned on sites such as Twitter.

Tottenham cancelled stadium tours of White Hart Lane for Sunday and Monday ‘due to safety reasons’. The Spurs Megastore was closed and the ticket office in Park Lane, to the south of the ground, will not open until Wednesday. The club intend to operate a counter service from the matchday ticket windows in Paxton Road between 9.30am and 5pm on Monday and Tuesday.


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