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USWNT Mega Post - Promoting Women's Soccer

Appearances? Talk shows? Premieres? A record-breaking WPS game?
It's all part of plan. THE USWNT has been hard at work with their plans to takeover America with women's soccer promotion of women's soccer.
The story begins on a promising day in N.Y.C. as the ladies return from Germany and head to Good Morning America with the domination of women's soccer on their minds...

Let's introduce our agents. 
The Savior of Football, Our Lady Hope (Hope Solo)
Baby Horse (Alex Morgan)
I AM LEGEND (Abby Wambach)
Pearcy (Christie Rampone) and THE QUEEN OF HAIR  (Megan Rapinoe)

Miss Hermann Trophy 2009, Stanford Princess, etc (Kelley O'Hara)

Princess Carli (Carli Lloyd) 
(I honestly don't know all of their nickname is so I'm Christening her as Kriegs for the time being, and making some up as I go)
Kriegs and her beautiful baby browns (Ali Krieger) 
Baby Horse and Barny (Nicole Barnhart)
 After their showstopping arrival, the girls headed to the GMA studio, and made it the new headquarters for women's soccer themselves comfortable...


The always-adorable Baby Horse tweeted an adorable picture of herself. Sky is blue, water is wet, you know the drill.
Pinoe (rightfully) took charge, of course.
The Savior of Football, Our Lady Hope and Mittsy (Heather Mitts) kept things diplomatic for their disguise. 
Looks like homeboy in the back is planning to pelt someone with the ball. Maybe he's on to their plan?
This is like, the only video I could find. Idek what going's on. i'm just the messenger~~
Sadly, the time came for the girls to take separate paths as they continue on with their quest to takeover America with women's soccer promotional tour.... 
Pinoe, Kriegs, HAO (Heather O'Reilly), and L squared (Lori Lindsey) decided that the Rachel Maddow Show would be an appropriate destination for them. 
You see that scarf they hooked Rachel up with? That ain't yo average scarf...
And that ain't yo average jacket...

Our Lady Hope and I AM LEGEND decided to go outside and kick soccer balls into passing taxis
No, seriously. They did.

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Say it with me? It's all part of the plan.
Continuing with her valiant efforts, Our Lady Hope took Baby Horse under her wing. First stop? ESPN...

This is not the face of someone you would want to fuck with. 
So far? So good.
Our Lady Hope and Baby Horse took a moment to congratulate themselves on securing a new lair for the team. 
Later that night, Our Lady Hope and Baby Horse made an appearance at the season 8 premiere of Entourage... 
OMG! They got Turtle in on it, too!
Having learned well from Our Lady Hope's training, Baby Horse shared some new pictures on her facebook page. Her agenda? To distract the unsuspecting while women's soccer spreads like wildfire To promote Nike.

still adorable, still seemingly innocent


The assignment is almost complete. I AM LEGEND, Baby Horse, The Queen of Hair, and Kriegs stopped by Eastview mall to visit thousands of fans...

They kept it cute, but in reality? They're just warming up for later


ROCHESTER, N.Y. -- A day after kicking soccer balls into taxicabs on the "Late Show with David Letterman," Abby Wambach's next stop on her World Cup homecoming tour was a familiar place -- home.

Although the U.S. national team star's night was limited to signing autographs and speaking to the crowd at halftime, Wambach still managed to electrify her fans.

A record-setting crowd of 15,404 people packed Sahlen's Stadium in the sweltering heat of downtown Rochester on Wednesday night to pay tribute to the hometown hero as her pro team, magicJack from Boca Raton, Fla., lost 3-1 to the Western New York Flash.

"I want to be there for Rochester," said Wambach, who did not play because of a lingering Achilles injury. "There are so many other opportunities I could have had … but not for one second did I think about not coming to Rochester, because I know this city is cheering the loudest."

The 15,404 fans set Women's Professional Soccer and stadium attendance records. Streets around the stadium were clogged for miles, and the lines of people waiting to get into the stadium did not dissipate until around kickoff. The temperature at the time of kickoff was 92 degrees.

"I know you all came here to watch me play and I know that maybe some of you will be disappointed that I'm not going to, but I must say this is some pretty good soccer, right?" Wambach said to the crowd, which cheered in response.

Interest in women's soccer in the U.S. picked up after Wambach scored on a header in the 122nd minute of the U.S.'s World Cup quarterfinal victory over Brazil on July 10. She also had key goals against France in the semifinal and in the loss to Japan in the final.

"The atmosphere was amazing, very fitting for Abby, and I'm excited to be a part of it," magicJack and USWNT teammate Becky Sauerbrunn said. "To see an entire community not only rally around one of its own but also women's soccer in general is awesome to see."

Wambach received her first huge applause of the night before the game when Rochester Mayor Thomas Richards presented her with a key to the city.

"Although they didn't win the final, I am so proud of how Abby played and represented her country," said Valerie Salamone, 12, of Rochester, one of the hundreds of girls to get an autograph from the hometown hero. "I was watching her on TV a few days ago, and now she's here talking to me. It is so crazy."

Also before the game, WPS executives presented flowers to all players present who represented their countries in the World Cup, including U.S. team members Alex Morgan of the Flash and Megan Rapinoe and Jillian Loyden of magicJack. Flash forward and Brazilian national team member Marta, considered by many to be the best player in the world, also was honored.

(This is actually a celebration of their successful women's soccer takeover) 

Goalie Hope Solo, defender and team captain Christie Rampone, and midfielder Shannon Boxx are U.S. players also on the magicJack roster, but they did not attend the game.

"After the [World Cup final Sunday], we didn't feel proud; we were a little heartbroken," Morgan said of the U.S. team's loss to Japan on penalty kicks. "Coming back to this outpouring of support kind of made us feel proud to wear that silver medal … and just grabbing the hearts of the Americans, we didn't really realize what was going on until we landed in the U.S."

More than a thousand fans attended a rally at a local mall earlier in the day featuring Wambach, Morgan, Rapinoe and U.S. teammate Ali Krieger, who is unsigned.

"Not only do I feel humbled by the experience, and I know we didn't come home with the Cup, but I think we inspired an entire nation and I know the message the women's national team always try to send is winning," Wambach told the crowd at halftime. "But I think we did something more here. I've never been so proud to be an American my entire life."

Midfielder Christine Sinclair, a member of Canada's team, scored twice to lead the Flash, putting the team ahead 1-0 before Ella Masar tied the score at 1 in the 40th minute.

Sinclair gave the Flash a 2-1 lead in the 51st minute, and McCall Zerboni added another goal in the 69th minute to give the Flash a 3-1 lead.

"Abby and Alex played so well in the World Cup, and they deserve so much support," said Ann Marie Russo, 9, of Webster, N.Y, who said she had to beg her parents to get tickets.

"Young girls really don't see a lot of women athletes performing at a high level on television so I think it was very special for them to get a chance to watch the national team in the World Cup," said Marissa Russo, Ann Marie's mother. "I think it is real cool when you look around and see all the young girls wearing their soccer jerseys or an Abby jersey. This is a very special night for them."

Before Wambach relinquished the microphone at halftime, she had a special message to the crowd on the future of U.S. soccer.

"Thank you so much for supporting not just me, but my teammates," Wambach said. "I promise you, there's a big tournament next summer [the 2012 Olympics]. I'm not coming home unless I have gold.


-Please ignore my embarrassing story line and commentary. I didn't want this to be a boring post with a bunch of articles, so I tried to make it interesting lol

-I loooved the match between The Flash and magicJack so much. It wasn't my first WPS game, but women's soccer is seriously so interesting, and it always has surprises in store. Those who watched, what did you think? AND NEXT TIME WE SHOULD ALL WATCH TOGETHER IN A MATCH POST!

-Women's soccer is comin, ya'll. Don't fight it. 

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