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Malaysia Football News -EPL Asia tour and tiny bits on Singapore


Malaysia this year will be visited by Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea in their Asia tour 2011! What a delight!

Before sharing the EPL news, here some latest info on Malaysia Football team, Harimau Malaya.


We just defeated Lebanon in the Olympic qualification and will be competing against *11 other Asian teams to grab place to 2012 Olympic in London.

*Australia, Bahrain, Iraq, Japan, Korea Republic, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE and Uzbekistan

The road to London after this will be really hard for us, but we can rejoice that we are in the top 12 Asian team (U23) and the only representative from South East Asia.

Malaysia vs Lebanon -1st Leg (0-0) and 2nd Leg (2-1)

World Cup

The senior team participates in the World Cup qualification and recently defeated Taiwan in a very tight match where we won on away goal rules (2-1 home and 3-2 away, 4:4 aggregate)

I can’t believe we let them have 3 chances on penalties, thank God we save one penalty phew!

Malaysia vs Taiwan 2-1

Taiwan vs Malaysia 3-2

For the first time in 13 years we go through to the second round of the WC qualification round and will meet Singapore (derby!!!) on 23rd July away and 28th July home.

So this is where the EPL teams come in, we need this friendly to give experience and testing ground for our players to go against other Asian giant.
A heart full thank you to all the team involved!


They are here!

The couch

Arsene Wenger and his Malaysian double.


Samir Nasri show off in Bukit Jalil stadium (ehem BJ stadium), Kuala Lumpur(training)

Van Persie

Training video

Denilson was booed!

Little Trivia

Malaysia Asian All Star Vs Arsenal (1967)

Malaysia Vs Arsenal (1975)

We won 2-0 hehe

Screw you Cesc, you didn’t come!! I’m pissed on the behalf of Malaysian’s Gunners who are pissed lol

The game is tonight! 845pm local 145pm UK
Happy watching people, Go Go Go Harimau Malaya! :D

Ticket still available and after a bit of research, it says

Arsenal - 22k+ balance
Liverpool - 4k+ balance
Chelsea - 11k+ balance

Is that reflecting the popularity of the 3 teams in Malaysia? ;)

Anyway, Malaysian always buys ticket in the last minute so hopefully it will be sold out and with mostly wearing the Harimau Malaya Jersey haha

Singapore tiny bits..
(but a huge step in bringing back the local league to it previous glory)

Welcome back to Malaysia League!!

After bitter separation following match fixing allegation almost 17 years ago (black history in football thanks to bribery and also greed for more money), Singapore football association has reach agreement with Malaysia counterpart and will be back playing in the Malaysia league started in 2012 till 2015.

Malaysia will also send a team to S-league. Both countries will try to fire up each other league into a lively rivalry.

Fight! Fight! Fight! LOL Awesome. Some conflicting view in this though, will see what happen hopefully only the best for both sides.

BTW we call ourselves tigers and Singapore well they are lions, so Tigers vs Lions! Viva football!
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