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It's the Dutch hobbit's birthday!

Happy Birthday Wesley Sneijder!


Obligatory photo as a kid:

If you don't know his sweet side then this is your chance. Starting off with Mourinho, who was his manager at Inter. You could tell he really looks up to him a lot and misses him too.

"He is for me, the best coach in the world"

His wife, Yolanthe.. I don't think there's a day that passes that he doesn't tweet about how he misses her on twitter..

Aren't they all adorable together? Wes' son makes this picture perfect

If you're not following him on twitter then please do!
(just don't bug on him on twitter of going to Man United or I'll throw an apple at you.. hahaha jk)

See the tweets about his wife? Aww dead at his new other bff, Nagatomo.. what about Chivu, Wes?

Just some pictures from his twitter, with Nagatomo:

Still with Nagatomo and with Samu:

Wes knows how to enjoy good times with his teammates...

Like in this one, a photo of how Pazzini celebrates his goal :D (Coppa Italia champs btw!)

I bet he's really used to the one being carried all the time XD

He has one of the best smiles among football players. When you see pictures of him smiling, you can't help but smile too :D

What's more to love about him? He loves Inter!

I admit I just started supporting Inter at the start of season 2010-2011 but watching Wes play for his NT locked me in as a fan so he's also my favourite player in this team.

Some random fierce photos:

Mark my words he'll be "Sneijd'Or" very soon ;)

He looks best in black that's for sure, one of my fave pictures of him and Yolanthe. :)


Last but not the least, watch him speak English again in this video:

Such a joy to watch on the pitch. Being able to watch him makes me entirely grateful already, I hope he stays at Inter for this season and more but if not then I wish him all the best in his career... also in his life with family, friends, relatives, former teammates and everyone at Inter. 

Your turn to spam/post birthday greetings!
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