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Hi darlings! OK, I counted up nominations from this entry, and in the case of categories where there were some serious lack of interest, boosted a few nominations from The Guardian’s pages. You know how Julianne Moore didn't win a single Oscar in 2003 despite being nominated in Lead for Far from Heaven, and supporting in The Hours? Well, being nominated in two categories can often split the vote and work against you, so I took the liberty of collating votes for players who were nominated for player & underrated, so as to prevent them from featuring in both categories a la Mrs. Moore. By this vein, Modrić and Leiva got bumped up to first class, and Peter Odemwingie and Charlie Adam are flying economy. So, here we are! Voting time for Premier League Awards of the Season 2010-11~~~

Just a few rules before we start:
01. You don’t have to vote in every category by any means, so if ~who’s da hottest~ doesn’t interest you one jot (or you think all the nominees are munts), feel free to omit the category.

02. If you do vote in a category though, please do a 1), 2) and 3) (your first place will get the most points when I aggregate them up.) Votes with only 1 or two will thus not be counted.

03. This is not a Jamie Redknapp system of doing things, so you cannot be like 1) Gareth Bale, 2) Gareth Bale, 3) Gareth Bale. In fact, to try and prevent partisan bias getting in the way, in the categories of Best Player, Goal, Flop, Underrated, Disgraceful Calls, Character and Most Attractive, you cannot vote for more than the same team more than once in the same direction. This sounds convoluted, so I’ll try to explain. Say you’re picking goal, and you liked Tiote’s goal vs Arsenal and Nasri’s goal vs Fulham, that’s fine, you can put both down, because even though the former involved Arsenal, it was against them. Similarly, say you’re doing Worst Call and you want to vote for Carragher not getting sent off for his foul on Nani as well as Rafael not getting sent off for his foul on Lucas, that’s also allowed despite it involving both teams, because one is against Liverpool/Man Utd, and the other is the fouls are *on* them. God this is confusing. But basically, what I mean is, say you’re picking Underrated, something like 1) Leighton Baines, 2) Phil Jagielka and 3) Yaya Toure wouldn’t be allowed (the first two both play for Everton). Note that this is not enforced for match category, so it’s open house for voting there.

04. If you genuinely only care about your 1) and want them to do as well as poss, then you could do tactical voting, that is to say make your number 1 your 1), and then for 2) and 3) just bung down two that you know have no chance of winning, as this will then deprive any close competitors of getting points. So basically what I'm saying is, I can't stop you from (or even detect, tbh) ~voting strategically~, such as making Modric your #1 just to deprive Vidic of winning it or whatever.

Any questions, just ask, I know, I know, I'm a knob, I need2train

Player of the season
Petr Čech
Javier Hernández
Lucas Leiva
Luka Modrić
Luis Nani
Scott Parker
Carlos Tevez
Edwin van der Sar
Robin van Persie
Nemanja Vidić

Goal of the season
Alex vs Arsenal
Beckford vs Chelsea
Drogba vs Bolton
Hernández vs Chelsea
Meireles vs Wolves
Nasri vs Fulham
Rooney vs Manchester City
Suárez vs Sunderland
Tevez vs Stoke City
Tiote vs Arsenal

Match of the season
Blackpool 4 – Bolton 3
Blackpool 2 – Manchester United 3
Chelsea 2 – Manchester City 0
Everton 5 – Blackpool 3
Everton 3 – Manchester United 3
Liverpool 3 – Manchester United 1
Newcastle 4 – Arsenal 4
Sunderland 2 – Chelsea 4
Tottenham 3 – Arsenal 3
Wigan 3 – West Ham 2

Flop of the season
Arsenal in general
Manuel Almunia
Joe Cole
Michael Essien
Heurelho Gomes
Stephen Ireland
Paul Koncheskey
Gary Neville
Sebastian Squillaci
Fernando Torres

Gripe of the season
 Corruption in FIFA
 Players getting booked for taking their shirt off celebrating a goal
 Good managers getting fired
 The endless stream of Gareth Bale love
 The FA fining Ryan Babel for tweeting a picture of Howard Webb in a Manchester United shirt
 The heartless & inhumane sacking of Carlo Ancelotti
 Awful refereeing decisions
 The terrible way Sian Massey was treated, revealing that sexism in football is, lamentably, still very much alive
 Ticket prices in football
 FIFA still living in the stone ages and refusing goal line technology

Pundit of the season
Marcel Desailly
Lee Dixon
Ray Hudson
Alan Hansen
Gary Lineker
Gary Neville
Gavin Peacock
Alan Shearer
Graeme Souness
Gordon Strachan

Most Underrated
Charlie Adam
Andrei Arshavin
Leighton Baines
Phil Jagielka
Park Ji-Sung
Salomon Kalou
Martin Kelly
Peter Odemwingie
David Silva
Yaya Touré

Most Disgraceful Call
• All of Martin Atkinson’s calls (not sending Luiz off, allowing the penalty) in Chelsea’s win over Manchester United
• Banning of snoods
• Everything Howard Webb did
• Both goals that were allowed against Spurs in the Chelsea game
• Jamie Carragher not being sent off for his on Nani
• Rafael not being sent off for his ensuing tackle on Lucas
• Nigel de Jong’s leg-breaking tackle on Ben Arfa not even earning a yellow
• The penalty awarded to Spurs in their game at Anfield
• Vidić not being penalised for his handball vs Arsenal
• Wayne Rooney getting away with his elbow on James McCarthy

Greatest Character
Blackpool FC in general
Didier Drogba
Cesc Fàbregas
Alex Ferguson
Steven Gerrard
Ian Holloway
Dirk Kuyt
David Luiz
Michael Owen
Wojciech Szczęsny

Shock of the season
• Arsenal losing to Birmingham in the Carling Cup
• Cesc Fàbregas’ twitter meltdown
• Chelsea getting thrashed 3-0 at home by Sunderland
• Chelsea being in dire need of training in mid-season
• Kolo Toure failing his drugs test after taking his wife’s diet pills
• Liverpool’s resurgence under Dalglish
• Newcastle coming back from 4-0 down to draw 4-all at St James’ Park
• Stoke City in Europe
• Torres’ departure of Liverpool for Chelsea, when many fans had previously considered him “too classy” for a ~Mickey Mouse, plastic, no history club like that~
• Wolves being the team to end Manchester United’s unbeaten run in the league

Most Attractive
Gareth Bale
Joe Hart
Adam Johnson
Martin Kelly
Frank Lampard
David Luiz
Aaron Ramsey
John Terry
Nemanja Vidić
Theo Walcott 


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  • Sunday

    News Mike Ashley interested in Derby County…

  • Monday, Monday

    News What a fantastic match! 😍 @Oracle’s Attacking Threat chart tells the story of #LIVMCI

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