the night is dark and full of turnips (epouvante) wrote in ontd_football,
the night is dark and full of turnips

north london derby: the "manchester teams like this result" edition

Another draw to add to the week of draws but 3-3 is a little more compelling than 0-0, heh heh.

At 3-1 I had the biggest stank face but I think everyone knew the comeback would be on. This goal was the second best play on US Sportscenter today!

who are we more jealous of??????

When I asked him how he felt before taking the pen he said "I was s*****ing my pants"!

picture source 1
picture source 2

here are two good after-game breakdowns, if you care for that sort of thing: one focused on what Arsenal did and the other on what Spurs did.

idk I wish I could be more excited but it felt like two points dropped, points Spurs realllly needed to catch up to Man City. I imagine Arsenal fans feel the same. Hopefully neutrals enjoyed themselves!
Tags: club: arsenal, club: tottenham hotspur, derby d-day, picspam

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