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this has shown up a few places, but i thought that we'd all want to digest it here... brian reade's new book is coming out about the hicks-gillett period for liverpool (An Epic Swindle: 44 Months With A Pair Of Cowboys), and the mirror has been running excerpts for the last few days. the latest:

As George Gillett digested the words he was reading, the blood drained slowly from his face.

Surely there was a misprint in this report about Steven Gerrard marrying his long-term partner Alex which completely changed its meaning.

He read it again but it came out the same, so he phoned his co-owner: “Tom, there's something you need to know. Our team captain is gay.

A bemused Hicks asked for the evidence and when Gillett read it to him, in between guffaws, he explained that in England the term “partner” can refer to a member of the opposite sex.

Their captain wasn't tackling for the other side. Alex was a woman.

some other classics from the article:
-Gillett "pulling a fistful of dollars from his pocket and claiming there was no limit to how much manager Rafa Benitez could spend. He could sign "Snoogy Doogy" if he wanted."

-“He just sat there chuckling away looking like one of the Muppets,” said Jamie Carragher. “It only needed Hicks next to him and we'd have had Waldorf and Statler.”

-Gillett’s favourite phrase, when Benitez tried to pin him down on his transfer budget was: “I'll give you £50million plus whatever we get in the draft”, which was so nonsensical it almost had Benitez butting walls.

yesterday's excerpt was mostly quotes from stevie and carra:
-In their first meeting, the Americans promised Gerrard they would restore the club to the pinnacle of European football while respecting its history. “But that wasn’t the case, especially when they were dragging the club through the courts,” he says. “That was a disgrace. I can’t find the words to describe them. Let’s just say they had some balls. I didn’t think they’d drag the club to those lengths for some money. It just showed how greedy they were.”

-“I totally understand why some of the fans were frustrated we didn’t speak out,” says Gerrard. “When I’m down with England I hear stories about what big players have said at their clubs, but when me and Jamie speak we’re worried people might say, ‘Does he think he’s bigger than Liverpool?’ So it was a horrible situation as I wanted to come out and use my status to help but I was terrified of it backfiring."

-The two local legends were also conscious that, in the final 18 months the Americans were there, the team suffered from an acute lack of investment. “We were so close,” says Gerrard. “Two European finals, finishing second – we were two or three decent signings away from competing with anyone. That was the frustration.”

-“Maybe me and Stevie should have come out when we had the power and said something, but we’re from here. We love the club and never like saying anything negative about it. It’s what we believe in. So whatever is thrown at you, you feel you have to take it." (Carra)

the whole thing is making me sick to my stomach.
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