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Everything happened one year ago..

APRIL, 8TH, 2010

Manchester United signed Javier Hernandez...

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Javier Hernandez traveled to Manchester with the certainty that he would meet the expectations generated his signing to one of the biggest clubs in the world. Twelve months later, the result is outstanding … Shocking to some.

Javier Hernandez is one of those unique, bold, players who has proven he deserves to be at Manchester United, the club who signed him for five seasons, just 365 days ago.

Manchester United paid an estimated $ 9.1 million for Javier Hernandez. Today, his value has increased based on goals and good performances.

Less than two months away for South Africa 2010. Chicharito needed to convince former Mexican National team coach Javier Aguirre, that he was worthy to have a spot on the World Cup squad, but the impeccable eye of Sir Alex Ferguson did not need further testing. Javier was ready to jump into the Red Devils.

“I am very happy about what has happened during this time, but you have to keep working,” shares Javier, now exalted as a major figure in the National Team and one of the most recognizable players of the English Premier League.

The young sensation recovered from the blow of not having a starting spot on the National team because of Javier Aguirre’s unexplainable choice of starting Guillermo Franco, despite the massive wave of criticism.

Hernandez played just 169 minutes, enough to make two of the four goals obtained by the Mexico in the World Cup. Javier only started the game against Argentina, in which he scored his second goal. His other goal was against France.

After the world cup Chicharito moved to Manchester, where he was placed beside World Class players, especially in the attack. Wayne Rooney and Dimitar Berbatov looked immovable, his fight would be with Michael Owen and Federico Macheda.

A few months were all it took to get into the elite group. His playing conditions match those of Rooney perfectly. The pair ‘Chicha-Rooney’ is a guarantee for Ferguson, who has sometimes preferred over Berbatov.

“I felt comfortable in Manchester. My teammates have helped me adapt … I’m in the best team in the world.” says Chicharito.

Chicharito now has 17 goals in official matches. He is only three away for a Mexican player in his first year in Europe. The record currently belongs to Luis Garcia, who played in Atletico Madrid in the 1992-1993 season.

Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez is the only member of the Red Devils to score at least one goal in the five tournaments played by the club this season: Premier League, Super Cup, League Cup, Cup and Champions League.

The crucial double that he made to Olympique Marseille in the second round of the continental tournament, increased significantly their bonds with his coach, teammates and fans.

It is just the first year of an inspiring story starring the Mexican boy who went to Manchester with the hopes that would would stand out… So far he has done little more than that.

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