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Campeões of Portugal once again (part 1)

Porto clinch their 25th league title in the Stadium of Light Darkness

(well their stadium is called Estádio da Luz/Stadium of Light but there were no more lights during the celebration.. hence the title :p)

Porto win at Benfica to take Portuguese title

Thirteen points clear of the Eagles at the start of the day, Porto now have an unassailable 16-point advantage with five league fixtures remaining. Fredy Guarín gave André Villas-Boas's side a ninth-minute lead at the Estádio da Luz, before Javier Saviola equalised from the penalty spot (17).

Hulk struck for the 21st time in the league this season on 26 minutes to put Porto in front once more, and the visitors this time held on to their advantage, ensuring they reclaimed the top-flight crown from Benfica.

It is the second time Porto have celebrated winning the title at the home of their rivals, following a 3-2 win back in 1939/40. In Villas-Boas's first season at the helm, the Dragons have won 23 of their 25 league fixtures and remain on course to finish the campaign undefeated.

"We struggled a lot and suffered, but now it is time to celebrate," said Porto keeper Helton. "Our results speak for themselves." Defender Maicon added: "This title is very special as it was achieved at our rivals' home. We have to salute the team. We showed great strength during the season and I want to thank the support we received from the stands."

"My goal was important," said Hulk. "We knew we were facing a great team but we were humble. We have to congratulate the team, not only me and Guarín but all the players. We achieved the most important thing, the championship, but we cannot relax as we want to finish the league without a defeat."

article source:

Campeões Campeões!

Still grinning like an idiot here but I don't care, I'm so glad that after such an amazing start and record this season - 23 wins, 2 draws, 0 defeats we finally won the title :D. From Andre Villas Boas, to his staff and to the players, I'm so proud of them! It kind of sucks for Benfica fans to see their rival win the title in their own stadium though.

Anything that you'll see in a Classico have all the boxes ticked.. throwing of golf balls, yellow cards, shitty refereeing, penalties, some shoving here and there and sending offs.

The action in pictures....

Play was stopped for a bit when Moutinho was about to take a corner just after the kick off because golf balls were thrown. Porto drew first blood with Guarin scoring which Roberto, Benfica's goalkeeper could have done much better.

But Benfica equalized later when Otamendi fouled Jara in the box and Saviola scored the penalty.  Game on.. (I wish Cardozo was on the pitch during this time so he'd miss, peace out wall_upper  

That acted like a spark to them and from that moment on they maintained possession and attacked better but that was stopped when Roberto brought down Falcao after the exchange of Guarin and Moutinho.

Hulk converted the penalty because he is just that awesome 8)

and the dancing continues.....

Epic dancing is epic

Ref kept giving yellow cards away like it was just flyers, Coentrão  for example was facing Hulk so he had no choice but to stop the future Ballon D'Or (hehe) for as much as he can, it was a nice matchup tbh, both were testing each other. Rolando and Fernando were the top 2 defenders of the night for Porto me.

Second half, it was the battle of good saves by both keepers vs shots like you know players like Guarin, Saviola, Cardozo and Falcao rarely misses. Falcao even won the ball vs Sidnei and was one on one vs Roberto but it was wide. That would have been it but oh well, next time Falcao, next time.

Porto particularly dominated the midfield in the second half but Benfica were still dangerous especially in their counterattacking.

Otamendi was sent off in the 70th minute and I just knew it would happen, I even thought Fucile would get himself sent off again vs Benfica but the good part is they didn't seem that rattled when we were down to 10 men compared to other games. Besides... Cardozo was sent off too he lunged at Belluschi's legs and got himself a red card. Probably out of frustration.

Up to the last minute both sides were still trying to score and I just kept yelling at the screen for Porto to defend for their lives XD. Kudos to Benfica, you did all you could. Sorry we clinched the title in your stadium :p.

Final whistle!! Porto are champions of Portugal once again :')

Reaction of the fans watching on a screen:

For the players it's even sweeter that they clinched the title vs their rivals, a sweet revenge from last year

Every shots that should have went in but didn't particularly Falcao and Hulk's can now be forgotten

Besides they have contributed a lot during the season.. Hulk has 20 plus goals in the league and Falcao not as many but as important

And if they can't score, there's Guarin and defenders who are there to save the team. Each and everyone had a role to play.

Happy Andre is happy and well deserved too. Not so long ago, he was Mourinho's assistant at Porto, Chelsea and Inter then managing Academica last season. Look at him now, the Porto fan (since he was a kid) has won his first title as manager.

He's only 33! Thanks a lot for everything may you continue to have success like this in your career. We won't forget your sending offs too haha.

Liverpool fans please.. don't wish him to go to your club yet, he'll have more great years at Porto, well hopefully.

Intermission \o/

Aww is Varela crying, sleepy, Maicon stinks or just want to sneeze?

Party like it's 2011

Flawless Portuguese players in this photo - Moutinho and Varela

To be continued.... 

Sorry but lj won't let me post the whole celebration post I made and I badly want to post this now while the game is still fresh in the minds of the Porto fans. There will be a part 2 so look forward to that. There's still the celebration when Benfica turned off the lights and turned on the sprinklers plus the arrival of the team at the Dragão. 

But okay, here you go.. a video:

Good luck to all Portuguese teams, yes including Benfica and Braga in the Europa League! Can't wait for the 2nd leg of the Taça de Portugal game vs Benfica as well.

more celebration photos here:
the gifs are by:   scruby
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