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mod post, don't tl;dr

Ok, so I assume by this point you have sifted through the wreckage that is pages three through six of the racist joke tweet post. If you haven't, let me summarize: people having decent discussions/comments near the beginning, then people getting mad and trying to excuse it. Well.

Let me tell you, I am equal parts disappointed and impressed, disappointed because of some of the dumb shit I read, and impressed that quite a few of you managed to get to the heart of the matter and point out exactly what was so problematic about the situation. For all the people I was side-eyeing and banning, there were more that got a lot of my respect, and I really appreciate your continued presence here.

That said, as a mod, I tend to assume a few things about you (general you), not the least of which is: you are grown ass people. I know the comm tends to skew younger than most, but age is no excuse-- I know 14/15 year olds who can handle themselves and not say anything too ignorant, and I've seen 30 year olds act a damn fool. I figure you are not new to the Internet and know what is or isn't on.

However, I don't assume that we all share the same culture; that would be patently wrong, of course. As posts for different national teams show, we're from all over the world and we've all had different experiences, even from within the same country. I get that and I appreciate it because I get to hear from points of view I wouldn't otherwise have access to.

Nevertheless, ignorance is not an excuse for racist bullshit. There's a difference between trying to explain the context of a certain reference or saying, and trying to excuse it and tell us "Oh, you're overreacting." I get that you might not be from somewhere where these things get discussed or come up, but if it does, and you have lots of people explaining to you quite clearly why something is hurtful, don't turn it into "Well, I don't see what the issue with it is." You see the issue, people are telling you. I get that you might need something explained to you, but if it turns into a shitflinging match where someone just even refuses to acknowledge there's an issue in the first place, then it becomes my problem too. When it becomes saying malicious shit just to get a rise out of people, then it becomes my problem.

WITH ALL OF THAT SAID, consider this a blanket warning for everyone. I don't care if it's in a "look at this dumb video" post, I don't care if it's in a "let's fap to these hot guys" post, I don't care if it's in a "wow, look at these fans say some awful shit to this player" post, if I catch wind of any racist fuckery again I will ban you. Don't hesitate to message me with any concerns either-- contrary to popular belief, I am not up all day and night but I will read it.

Have a nice day/evening/night :)
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