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Breaking news: People don't like Man Utd


Manchester United have topped a new league table, the Premiership leaders are now the most hated company in the country.

They are more hated than the only people in the country who probably earn more than the club's multi-million pound stars - bankers.

In a survey of 1,000 UK adults, 26 per cent said they hated Manchester United compared to 23 per cent who cannot stand budget airline Ryanair, the next most despised company. There is also plenty of resentment for companies who seem to be making big profits while the rest of the country suffers - the third most hated firm is British Gas.

Manchester United may have the biggest crowds and a winning record but their success and power alienates many others from across the country.

In both north-west England and London they are hated by 31 per cent - though many of these are probably supporters of their biggest rivals. That figure falls to 22 per cent in the South West and 23 per cent in East Anglia.

A spokesman for Online Opinions said: 'It is not surprising that so many big companies are hated by so many people when you consider the ways in which they make themselves unpopular.

'Manchester United is possibly a victim of its own success and the way it is viewed by passionate fans of its rivals but it is different for banks and utilities.

'Banks get billions of pounds to rescue them from the public then go and splash out millions on bonuses while the rest of the country is in recession - no wonder they are so disliked.

'And utilities keep raising household bills at a time when people can afford them the least yet they still seem to be making lots of profits.

'With other companies, the reasons are more personal. Ryanair is probably the most popular airline in Britain thanks to cheap fares yet passengers still moan about having to pay for their luggage or booking by credit cards.'

Read the whole article here

Haters gonna hate and can stay pressed
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