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We all need somebody to lean on.

At the end of Spain-Czech Republic yesterday, I was going into squee overdrive because Torres and Cech were chummying up to each other and it was SO. ADORABLE: -


Which got me thinking, that kind of thing, club teammates helping each other up, going to chat to each other at the end of an international match regardless of result, is one of the most adorable things in football, the total antithesis to the Ronaldo-Rooney situation of the 2006 World Cup, if you will. So, if you fancy it, share some pics of your club's players being all cutesy with each other on international duty!! (oh, I think I meant to imply that they should be in opposing teams, otherwise this would have been a big Frank-JT-fest. ;) ) 

From the 2010 World Cup. Ignore the last pic, ick. BUT DROGS & CHELS' PORTUGUESE. *____* I miss Riccy and Tiago!!!

lol at Paulo queueing to give Didi a hug!

And some individual Drogba-Ferreira bromancing:

From Euro 2008. This picture *defines* squee for me. XD

And again! <3

And once more for luck, because the squee factor between these three is out of this world! I love this team so much!

Sala Kalou & Michael Essien being PRECIOUS in the African Cup of Nations. I adore this pic because it's kind of a reverse-mirror of this one:
Mikey Essien with Drogs.

Teehee, I really love these Chelsea bungs! ^___~

And for some Chelsea's ex-boyfriends, Robben with Drogba in the 2006 World Cup

this match made me trololololol because it was like Arjen and Didi were trying to ~outdive each other, it was hilarious. If not the best kind of Chelsea rep there is.


Oh, Andriy!

From the ~wild Netherlands vs. Portugal game in the 2006 World Cup (with all the bookings and sendings off). Paulo's always consoling ppl, awww! If anyone has this larger than 100x100, bloody share!!!!

Photobucket Photobucket

This kind of thing is so adorable, it genuinely makes me go like: -


Now you!

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