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SK Brann beats the crap out of Rosenborg

The Norwegian league 2011 had its official kick-off already on friday, but the main match of the round wasn't until sunday at 20.00 CET.

SK Brann from Bergen has been in the press a lot lately, especially within articles with predictions of which teams who will not be in the league, Tippeligaen, next year.

Rosenborg has been named favorites for years along with Vålerenga, and Rosenborg also won the league in 2010.

The champions with their first defeat in 33 matches

(AP) (Brann - Rosenborg 2-1) Kim Ojo (22) used only 10 minutes to introduce himself to the football in Norway. There were literally sparks from nigerian footballer shoulders at Brann Stadion.

He came free from Nybergsund this winter, and had never played at a higher level than Norwegian 1. division.

After ten minutes he exploited that Daniel Örlund and Jim Larsen hesitated, and headed Erik Mjelde pass into the net.

Ojo was also involved when the great talent Mushaga Bakenga butted into the reduction to 2-1. Rosenborg never came closer than that one goal.

Brann is tipped by many at the bottom, and the VG microscope, they were predicted relegation. In the rehearsal before the league start, the Bergen team lost 3-1 against Nest-Sotra. Rosenborg, on their side is tipped at the opposite end - at the top of the table.

Source is googled

I work at Brann Stadion, and the crowd was so amazing tonight. This match is the 2nd biggest match of the season, and to beat them feels so fucking good. Can we get a TIPPELIGAEN tag plz.
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