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Japan thanks to the world :)

Well, I was kind of inspired by the post and comments a few posts ago.
As you guys know, our land, Japan was hit by earthquake and tsunami.
Thankfully, I'm alright... but even though people could avoid serious damages, we are mentally down.
One of the things that cheered us up is messages from overseas.
And football fans in Japan were delighted by those things from footballers and clubs. We even cried for them.
So I'd like to share those great actions! :)

English Premier League

Arsenal fans :)

Liverpool fans from all over the world.

The first club that announced a message was Liverpool.
After that, I saw lots of comments like "I'm a Man U/Arsenal/etc fan but Liverpool is an amazing club!"or"I'm considering to support Liverpool from now on"
That actually made me laugh xD

La Liga

The ceremonies before Barca vs Sevilla and RM vs Hercules were truly touching...


Well, this isn't the right time to write this but...sometimes laughing or joking or having fun is needed in sad times, so I write this.
He seems to fool around with Poldi so often. Somebody gotta tell him about Basti...

Before the match Manu said to Uchida.
"Let's win this game today, so you can wear the shirt. We promise to win for you.
After the match I'll lead you to the public. Then show off the shirt to everyone!"
Also after the second goal of Schalke, Manu crossed himself because he had been feeling the responsibility for the goal of Frankfurt :/

Manu has such a sweetheart!

A scene from female Bundesliga, a Japanese player Yuki Nagasato with the President of Germany Christian Wulff.

Serie A

This was after the moment Eto'o scored. He said to Nagatomo that his goal was for Japan...

And this is Nagatomo's ex club Cesena. He was there for only a half year and transferred to Inter Milan at the end of Jan. 2011.
But his ex team mates didn't forget about him :')


He, Ryo Miyaich is actually a Arsenal player and loaned to Feyenoord.
I guess that's why there are especially many messages from Arsenal players/fans?
But I feel sorry for him :(
He's only 18 y/o. His coach said something like "I know he is suffering but he can't express his feeling because he can't speak English" :(

So...I stop now.
Even while typing this, we had small quakes countless times and that scares me :/
But we really appreciate these supports!

Oh by the way, about Copa America.
According to Japanese media, at the moment we haven't decided yet if we will join or not.
But it rather sounds like we are still willing to join.
And they mentioned an optional plan:
We have enough numbers of Japanese players in European clubs so maybe the Japan NT will go to Copa America only with those players...

We were planing to have friendly matches against Montenegro and New Zealand in this month.
After the quake and tsunami everyone thought they are going to be canceled but apparently they aren't.
So I think we can still hope for Copa too.
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