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Fernando Torres: I had to leave 'chaos' of Liverpool for Chelsea


Despite a failure to score in five games and some disappointing displays, Fernando Torres is convinced he made the right decision to leave "the chaos" of Liverpool behind for Chelsea.

The 26-year-old moved to Stamford Bridge from Anfield for a British record £50m on the final day of the January transfer window and the striker has revealed that, although he was a hero to the Liverpool supporters, the atmosphere around the club had changed to such an extent that he felt he had to move on.

"I knew I was an idol for the fans but it wasn't the same any more," Torres told the Spanish sports paper Marca. "The institution was in chaos with the sale. There was all this talk of possible projects. In many ways it reminded me of [former club] Atlético Madrid ... a great history, many ideas but without money, it needed time. I don't have that."

Torres has previously spoken of "broken promises" and has now hinted at a greater malaise behind the scenes at Anfield which led to his decision to leave. "People aren't honest in the world of football," he said. "You can't say the truth or be clear with people. It's a business and nobody is anyone's friend."

Torres is convinced that he has found something different at Stamford Bridge and that Roman Abramovich's finances will ensure that the club is consistently challenging for major honours. "Chelsea have proved they have top-level players in all departments and that they will always be competitive whatever happens, with an owner who will invest when it is necessary," he said.

Torres also brushed off concerns about his current form saying a bedding in period was always likely after such a transfer. "I didn't expect it to be easy. It never is," he added. "It was the same for me at Liverpool. There are two months of adaptation to something so new, and more so in February.

"The fans have been impressive from the first day. They are almost more enthusiastic than I am to score the first goal."

He also said he had been surprised at how easy it had been for him to settle in with his new team mates. "I expected something more distant with a team full of stars," Torres said.

"There are more personal relationships and jokes between the players than there were at Liverpool. Everything was much more serious there. Here, you don't have to prove you are a professional, it is assumed."


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