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Oh dear god

Robinho and Kaká head Blackburn's audacious summer wishlist

• Indian owners target six current Brazilian internationals
• Venky's appears undeterred by Ronaldinho's rejection

  • Ewan Murray
  • Kaka

    Kaká is just one of several Brazilians on Blackburn's audacious shopping list. Photograph: Helios De La Rubia/Real Madrid via Getty Images

    It seems the owners of Blackburn Rovers know no bounds, despite Ronaldinho's blunt rejection of a move to Lancashire, with a further six current Brazilian internationals forming part of an audacious summer wishlist for the Venky's Group.

    The Indian firm which controls affairs at Rovers remain hopeful they can coax a big-name South American to Ewood Park and are pursuing several options.

    Representatives of half a dozen Brazil players – Robinho, Kaká, Neymar and Elano among them – have been contacted with a view to checking potential availability at the end of this season. Arranging such a coup is a key part of their plans for the Premier League team, if one which will be met with scepticism from elsewhere. Internationals with Argentina are also under consideration as part of what is a genuine list compiled in India.

    Sources close to Venky's readily admit that convincing any high-profile player from another continent to move to one of the English top flight's less fashionable clubs will be problematic. Still, the Indian company – which has a most recently reported annual turnover of close to £1bn and profits of a tenth of that amount – are adamant they will bestow what it takes in salary payments to land a big signing. Venky's are less willing to spend lavishly on transfer fees, but will do so if they feel it is necessary.

    It was reported Ronaldinho refused to accept wages worth a staggering £20m over three years and subsequent transfer business by Blackburn during the January window was low-key. That makes it more likely that a young, up-and-coming Brazilian player with aspirations of moving to Europe for the first time in his career would be a realistic target.

    As things stand, though, Blackburn's senior figures may take a closer interest than most when Brazil's national team lands on these shores for their friendly meeting with Scotland at the Emirates on 27 March.

    Meet the new Man City wannabe everyone!  Where do Blackburn stand on the big club scale??  Reckon Robinho's ready for a return to Northern England?


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