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Next on their hit list: Santa, the Dalai Lama, and penniless orphans

Harry Redknapp robbed by rabid Atletico fans

Tottenham manager Harry Redknapp returns poorer but happy after being robbed on Diego Forlan scouting trip
Harry Redknapp was happily heading in to the Vicente Calderón on Thursday evening to watch Atlético Madrid’s Diego Forlán when he had his wallet lifted. So Redknapp joins his great friend Sir Alex Ferguson in losing money over Forlán.

The morning after the robbery before, Redknapp sat at Tottenham Hotspur’s Chigwell retreat, still shaking his head. “I’m walking round the outside of the stadium with Kevin Bond before kick-off and it’s a fantastic atmosphere,” he recalled. “I bought some sweets and the next thing there’s two guys on their knees in front of me, tugging my trousers.

“I didn’t know whether to knee them in the gob. I’m going ‘let go’, pushing them away. While I’m doing that they’re rifling my pockets. ‘I saw them do it,’ Kevin said. ‘Well why didn’t you do something about it?!’ I said.

“I hope Kev wasn’t part of the gang! He’s got a few quid on him today!”

The pair watched Forlán losing to Real Madrid but left early. “We got a cab back to this little restaurant and we had to ask the man in there for some euros to pay the taxi,” Redknapp added.

“I said to Kevin, ‘I bet the gang are in the restaurant, drinking the best wine and having the best steak’. Me and Kevin didn’t have enough money to have a glass of wine.”

It proved a fruitless trip. Forlán is more likely to end up at wealthy Juventus.

“He’s a good player,” continued Redknapp. “Forlán has been mentioned but we are not going to get near their wages. He is on £100,000-plus a week. The chairman [Daniel Levy] would not be paying £100,000 or more a week to players.”


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