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Made in Dagenham.


Inspired by Beckham's need2train loan move to Spurs giving him a LDN-homecoming as well as news of him expecting a fourth child (congrats), I thought I'd do a mini-picspam of some famous footballers born from Landan's East End or thereabouts.  Feel free to bung in a few of your favourites! :)


David Beckham, from Leytonstone 



sweet right foot, owner of plentiful tattoos, model, ambassador, style icon

Frank Lampard, from Romford 


Chelsea legend <3

Jonjo Shelvey, from Romford
interesting (well, interesting for me), fact: my mate went to the same secondary school, Brentwood School, as Shelvey, he was a couple of years above him and 'pparently the ex-Addick was a bit of a knob, haha. Also, what is it with people from Romford going to school in Brentwood [Lamps also did], are there no schools in Romford? ;)

Mark Noble, Canning Town
An Eastender playing for his local team, dawwww :)

John Terry, Barking 


from a "dodgy family", former England captain, Chelsea skipper, ladykiller

Rio Ferdinand, Peckham
tweeter who spells very well ;)

Ashley Cole, Stepney
best left-back in the world if you ask me

Jermain Defoe, Beckton

Aaaaaaand, seeing as the title namedrops Dagenham, we'll end with our '66 World Cup winning captain...
Bobby Moore




Now you!
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