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Meet the new ASEAN CHAMPION!


Drum bell please… IT IS

We have waited so long for this team and after 14 years, we have finally become the world champions!! Wooo hoooo!!

Ops sorry Sergio, you guys still are the world champion we r just taking the small piece of it :p no hard feeling

Thank you n love you both!

Don't be mad Mesut, am still Germany n ur big fan ;)


We have been losing for more than I can remember it is weird to actually witness this.

Nobody believes this team, not even Malaysian public aware of the tournament until the final.

Ask any Malaysians who follow them also will say b4 this, we have 10 injuries in our senior squad we have no chance without the ‘twin’ and we have draw Thailand and Indonesia in our group stage, it is a death end.

Losing 5-1 in the first game, we have no expectation that they will go through, but they did.
Semi final meeting champion holder, Vietnam and proving winning against them in 2009 weren’t a fluke. Sorry Vietnamese we will meet again soon right?

Win against a team who just recently trashed you badly. Not gonna happen but how wrong are we?

They prove we all wrong, Malaysian alike. It is unreal, but it’s FREAKING REAL! WE WON!!

Even though we actually lost 2 times to this Indonesian team in this tournament but the rule says we won lol 

Hopefully it is only the beginning of an amazing ride. VIVA FOOTBALL! 
Here goes my winning speech,

First n foremost to the beautiful country, Slovakia!

What the? Well for giving our young players the chance to play in your league for 3 months this year, we fought and learn to play against tougher opponents, n for that we owe you one!

My geography suck ass so I have to Google to find it! I’ll remember forever now.


The Young Tiger play 15 matches in Slovakia league in which they win 1, drew 1 and others are… hmm u get the picture 

david goliath

David vs Goliath. It's really tough to be Asian footballers. 

Omg, his hand alone pawned him!

lol asian are just cuter, we all r Lahm size ;) but then again may be not :/ 

Also thanks to UAE and Uzbekistan for kicking our ass out from Asian Cup as we grow stronger, we lose 0-5 first match against UAE, 1-3 both at home and away against Uzbekistan but towards the end we able to hold UAE where they score the only goal during injury time, late in the games. We learn our lesson from 0-5 to 0-1 is a good result, well for now.

But I must say that Fahmi is not the keeper during Asian cup qualifiers, that’s why we lost. Muslim play though, he must be in shock. Sorry I’m becoming Fahmi and Muslim fan girl :p

To our couch K.Raja, you are the king of kings! Freaking love you!!

To our players, pretty good for a start. Give us MORE!

To all Malaysians, what you guys are waiting for? Go and breed new footballers! We need back up FFS! Love you all!

That’s Ultras Malaya for you, a group that really dedicate their support to the national team. Bravo to them. Though, I would suggest Ultra Mas for their name. You know sound more Malaysia*, and sound more like ULTRAMEN! But no they are not the idiot/scumbag who using the lasers

* Malaya is our former name before we gain another 2 state to become Malaysia, well technically 3 states before the departure of Singapore.

They used San Siro as their aspiration. There r a lot of Milan supporters in Malaysia n here I thought we r all Man United or Chelsea’s fan :p

To Indonesians, swear to God that I’m being a complete honest when I say this, I love your food, I love your songs, I love your art and culture, I love your beautiful country and I love you all.

We are siblings and brotherhood should prevail over rivalry, especially sport rivalry, we should support each other and grow together (and that is also true to other SEA country, well everyone actually).

I can only hate rapist and killers, I can never hate Indonesian. This sentence is only for people who hate Malaysia, it sadden me, yes i know our policy n stuff still bad though, idk anyway..

P/s Sorry for the ‘Malaysia truly Asia’ campaign ":\

Last but not least, to all in ONTD_football thank you for your warm welcome and celebrate together with us, Malaysians! Hooorayyy!

Drink on me people but non-alcoholic only ;) U can have alcohol drink but buy it yourself haha. Cheers!

Ok I must admit I prepare the speech before we actually won it :D

But to my defends I did prepare two set of speech just in case we lose the game, and just to show you my ‘could but thank God not’ losing speech,

colin farrel

What the? FAM (Football Association of Malaysia) is corrupt.

Finally I would love to hear any suggestion from whoever genius out there on how to further improved our football quality in Asean country p/s not need to be serious just for fun ;)


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  • Saturday

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  • Free for all Friday

    News 𝙉𝙤𝙬 it's official 😍 7️⃣ @Cristiano #MUFC |…

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