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aston villa-tottenham hotspur boxing day picspam with a slight* bias for a certain team

*by that I mean massive

"Back the fuck up, have I carded you yet?"

VDV came back after his injury during the Liverpool game and the extra week's rest because of the Blackpool cancellation did him good!

The smiles wouldn't last long though

I will refrain from commenting on the refereeing! Everyone has a different opinion on the specifics of some of the calls.

I will admit to making this face throughout the match though

OKAY, so my butthurt about Bale being marked out of the game was overtaken by my excitement because Eric Lichaj (who was the one doing it!) plays for the US. One part of my brain was D: and the other was :D

The second spurs goal is one of my favs of the season so far, it went VDV > Bale > Aaron > VDV and it was delightful

I don't think it's one of his favorites though

He's been close to scoring from a free kick all season, it'll come eventually!

Younes has such a "judging u rn" look, lol

I can't find the pictures of it on daylife but near the end Marc Albrighton scored (because lol clean sheets) and there was a lot of ~~shaking and crying~~ from both sets of fans for the last ten minutes.


Neat info: at the fixture earlier this season at WHL, VDV scored a brace and Albrighton scored for Villa, like in this match. fascinating, I know.
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