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The most beautiful thing about football? It breaks boundaries - Anwar Uddin

Homophobia in Football: Quotes of the Year 


“I argued for an MTV-style format with an uplifting message. I wanted to see stars such as David Beckham, Rio Ferdinand, David James and Steve Gerrard. Sadly, I was outvoted”
-Peter Tatchell hits out at the FA’s homophobia film
For anyone who hasn't seen it:

“Its not very high on the agenda”

– Gordon Taylor, on tackling homophobia
Gordon taylor is the chief exec of the PFA (professional footballers association)
more on this here

“Basically we need a gay Lionel Messi”
– Matt Lucas
Matt lucas is an english comedian and here is the interview if anyone is interested in reading it. another quote from the interview:
"Players worry about what the manager will think, and the manager worries about what the fans will think. And the life of a footballer is so regimented and predetermined that few of them are encouraged to think for themselves. They work hard but their lives are cosseted and protected. And then road to success for a footballer is so precarious anyway I completely understand why no-one would want to take on the extra mantle of being the first out player"

“If a player came to me and said he was gay I would say to him: ‘You have shown courage’. But then I would tell him to find something else to do." 
- Rudi Assauer, former German manager and footballer (Dortmund and Werder Bremen)


“If a player wants to out himself, then I say good luck. But I believe the world of AFL footy is not ready for it. To come out is unnecessary for a lot of reasons. It would be international news and could break the fabric of a club”
– Jason Akermanis of the Western Bulldogs on rumours that one aussie rules football star was about to come out
more on this story here

“There’s been a gay rumour for a long time. I don’t mind at all. I am proud of that. I love fashion, and I think so many gay people have amazing style. So that is a compliment to me”
– Freddie Ljungberg
more on this interview here. mostly a freddie 101

oh hai thur

“I think the film is a milestone already. Whatever you think about it as a tactic or product. What it’s led to is a growing awareness”
-Piara Powar, Kick It Out, on the FA Film
More on the film here and more on Kick it Out here

"Statistically there are going to be 100 gay footballers at the world cup. Where are they?"
- Jason Cundy, former Chelsea and Spurs footballer. 


“Bunch Of Gays” 
– Michael Becker, Michael Ballack’s agent on the German national side
more on this wank here

“At Bayer Leverkusen we have absolutely no resentment towards homosexuals”
– A spokesman for Bayer Leverkusen, the club where Ballack began his career

“They are so out of step it is embarrassing”
– Professor Ellis Cashmore from Stafford University on clubs and governing bodies - where a study of more than 2000 football fans found the vast majority frown upon homophobia abuse
more on this study here, and more on the issue here


“If there are any gay cricketers, they should feel confident enough to come out, because I don’t think there is homophobia in cricket. Football fans can be quite abusive and quite harsh, cricket fans are generally quite placid.”
– Jimmy Anderson, cover star of Attitude magazine

“The ball does not care who’s playing with him. He just wants to roll”
– Marcus Urban, out former German professional footballer

“Luckily, only normal people play football”
– Croation Football Federation president Vlatko Markovic claiming there is no place for homosexuals in the national team
more on this wank here

“They would play as though they’d been unshackled. We have a gay Vice-Chancellor, Berlin’s mayor is gay.”
– Mario Gomez, the Bayern Munich footballer, urges homosexual players to come out the closet
more on this here

oh hai thur

December- with the biggest wank of the year
“I would say they should refrain from any sexual activities”
– Sepp Blatter on concerns over the treatment of gay fans at the 2022 Quatar world cup

"It was not my intention and never will be my intention to go into any discrimination. This is exactly what we are against. If somebody feels they have been hurt, then I regret and present apologies"
- Sepp Blatter, apologizing
we've had a lot of discussion on sepp's man of the year quotes so lets not have any more wank of our own here again

So what do you think girls? I think there is a very very very long road ahead for homosexuality to be accepted in football, because it is an international sport and not all countries or their people have the same stand on gays and accepting them. 

Quotes from this Source right hurr

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  • Friday

    News ¡Saluden el nuevo máximo goleador sudamericano con selecciones!…

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