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Landon Donovan won't return to Everton on loan

Los Angeles Galaxy captain Landon Donovan will not return to Everton this winter on short-term loan, as he did with much success last year, because of concerns about fatigue. Donovan has played 50 meaningful games in each of the past two years. In early 2009, he was with Bayern Munich before diving back into the MLS season.

"While I enjoyed my time at Everton last season and still appreciate all the support their fans have given me, I feel that it is important to continue to rest and recover this offseason as opposed to going on loan. I never considered being loaned to a club other than Everton, but I have been playing nearly non-stop for the past two years and I believe that this decision will allow me to perform at my best for the Galaxy and the national team throughout the upcoming year."

In 2011, with the Galaxy, Donovan faces a longer MLS calendar and the CONCACAF Champions League campaign. With the national team, he will be called upon for the CONCACAF Gold Cup, major friendlies and the start of World Cup qualifying.


i'm sure they still love you landon ;_;
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