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kariming for some benzema birthday spam

replace 22 with 23

some facts about this boy...
* Born in Lyon, France to parents of Algerian Race.
* Benz is a graduate of the Olympic Lyon Academy.
* He ascended his play game quickly and was chosen to play for the senior Lyon Team from 2004-2009, scoring a total of 43 goals.
* He made his debut for Lyon on Jan 15, 2005 in a match against FC Metz. (i was there)
* He signed his first ever professional contract with Lyon, a 3 year deal.
* He progressed his play game through all those years with Lyon, where he scored goals against high leveled clubs as Manchester United & was even praised by the Sir Ferguson himslef for being a great talent and one of a kind.
* In 2008, Benz extended his contract with Lyon until 2013 with a one year extension option.
* He became one of the highest paid players in France.
* He was named Player of the year in Ligue 1, awarded the Trophée du Meilleur Buteur for being the league’s top scorer & nominated in France Football Magazine for 2008 Ballon d’Or.
* Lyon & Real Madrid reached an agreement to transfer Benz to the White Royals. He signed a 6 year deal with Real Madrid with a 35 m.euro ascending till this day.
* He scored his first goal for RM in a friendly match coming in as a substitute in the 87th min, it was the lone goal.
* Benz scored his first official goal for Real on September 20, 2009 in the match against Xerez.
* On November 3 he netted his first European goal for RM against AC Milan it was a draw goal.
* On December 8 he scored his first Hat-trick in the Champions League for Real Madrid made a 4-0 win over Auxerre.
* In an International level, he decided to play for France not Algeria as his National Team.

so whos birthday is it?

why are you acting shy about your birthday?

stop blushing now

party in your house, eh?

but i heard you dont have furniture

oic, now you do.

we are going to awkwardly fist pump the night away?

is france nt future co capi invited?

so thats a yes

how about ozil?

hes invited too?

so what do you want for your birthday? besides me.

okay big headphones and what else?

you dont know?

a new hat?

oic you like that hat

heres him, harem and nasri being bbs

his lone goal against green scum

his famous righ/left/head hat trick

my personal favori international goal from him

personal photos
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