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Carlos Tevez

Manchester City have rejected a transfer request from Carlos Tevez, after the Argentinian striker informed the club of his desire to leave. City have also expressed their disappointment at the "actions of his representative" over the matter.

The relationship between Tevez and the City manager, Roberto Mancini, has reportedly deteriorated in recent weeks, although the player is understood to be unhappy at being apart from his two daughters, who live in Argentina.


A statement from the club read: "It is with disappointment that we confirm to our supporters that Carlos Tevez has submitted a written transfer request. The club can also confirm that the request has been rejected. The club remains disappointed by this situation and particularly with the actions of Carlos' representative.

"Roberto Mancini and all at the club have shown, and will continue to show, sensitivity to Carlos's personal circumstances including the issue of his family being based overseas. Indeed following his suspension as a result of the game against Bolton, Carlos requested, and was given, special dispensation by the manager to take leave overseas."

Tevez, the club captain, is City's leading scorer this season and although he was suspended for the 3-1 win at West Ham that moved his side level on points with Arsenal at the top of the league, he is an integral figure in City's quest for Champions League football. The Eastlands club claim that, contrary to his stated request to leave, Tevez's agent had until recently been requesting negotiations for an improved contract.

"The written transfer request is in stark contrast to Carlos' stated position in both public and club contexts," continues the statement in City's website. "Significantly, over recent months, the club has also received numerous requests from Carlos' representative to renegotiate and improve his playing contract as well as more recently a request to extend that contract by another year."

"However, in line with the club's policy of not negotiating playing contracts mid-season this has not been granted. Carlos' current five-year contract has three and a half years to run and he is the highest paid player at the Manchester City football club.

"This is both an unfortunate and unwelcome distraction and the club will remain focused on the games ahead in what is turning out to be a very promising season. The door remains open for Carlos to be selected to play."

With Tevez known to desperately miss his two daughters, returning to South America is one option, as is retirement, even though in an interview with City's official magazine published last week, Tevez claimed he had no such intention.

There is also the deteriorating relationship with Mancini. The Italian may have made Tevez his captain at the start of the season, but there is no particular bond between the pair.

A short break in Argentina did little to silence rumours about the pair not getting on while Tevez's reaction after he was substituted against Bolton eight days ago demonstrated the tensions between player and manager.

The pair exchanged angry words on the touchline, with Tevez clearly annoyed at Mancini's decision to replace him with James Milner despite the fact he had scored the only goal. Subsequently, Tevez did not attend the players' Christmas party

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oh thats not gonna go down well.

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