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Charity Celeste Calendar 2011!

If the Charity tag could ever be more appropriate! Look at these Uruguay NT BAMFs helping the kids of their country to get into sports - by being sexy!

Uruguay NT started The Celeste Foundation, designed to promote children sports, by donating 1/4 of their WC earnings and doing various fundraisers. And this is their latest, and I dare say genious, offering!

See what they are saying about this calendar. This is fanservice at their best, girls!

To give satisfaction to the ladies who, for a month, sighed with the few seconds of screen time of bare-chested Diego Lugano and Diego Forlan, Celeste Foundation created a 12-page calendar with pictures of members of the La Celeste. The 12 photographs were taken at luxury hotels in major European and American cities.

According to El Loco Abreu, who stars in the month of October:

"Some will be surprised, some seem to have future in modeling, but many are going to laugh."
"It will be cute, different and innovative."
"Obviously it was just 12 of us (because of the months) but don't worry, because the rest will appear in future editions. And now it's the 11 most handsome and me."

So without further ado, the teaser, starring Fernando Muslera (January), Diego Lugano (February), Diego Godín (March), Martín Cáceres (April), Álvaro Pereira (May), Jorge Fucile (June), Egidio Arévalo Ríos (July), Sebastián Eguren (August), Walter Gargano (September), Sebastián Abreu (October), Edinson Cavani (November) and Sebastián Fernández (December).

Calendars will be available at supermarkets in Uruguay starting this Friday, and they can be also be ordered online here, with DHL shipping it to other countries. The calendar price is about 9$ US.
Think about it: by ordering this you can get more than fapping material - you can help children! and maybe make more children from looking at it :D

Now there's a glaring omission in this calendar - I'm looking at you, Diego Forlan! Maybe you're making another calendar all with yourself? You better! As 2012 is too long to wait.

Bonus: El Loco Abreu presenting the calendar and showing his full picture in the end.
Youtube hereCollapse )

Another bonus - awesome commercial with El Ruso Perez, "Cutting the sweet". It's a commercial for refreshing drink De Paso de Los Toros, and it's hilarious!
Youtube hereCollapse )

OK, one more bonus - a couple of full pictures from this calendar. I'm done now. :)
UPDATE - sorry, there's moar pictures!
here!Collapse )
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