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More German goodies

I added videos to the two posts I previously made, but as I know the problem with checking back (I never do so either), have a new post. I'll include all uploaded videos.

I'll throw in a new Basti video as well.
And translations for the baby Manu and Basti video.

Here the original post for 2010! Menschen, Bilder, Emotionen (for screen-caps an additional Manuel Neuer pictures)

soccergirl63 uploaded all three videos for your viewing pleasure. The show one is not fully uploaded as that would have been too long, but she also has Ducky for you.

Have some baby Ducky with his Schalke teddy bear


Moderator: One couldn't always count on you. Let's go back about two decades. And there we see Manuel Neuer in Westerholt. Please, on the far left, the far left. The one with the teddy bear under his arm, with the Schalke teddy bear. But already back then in the goal. And now look...this. By the way: One has never again heart about his striker! Yes, and now, conceded goal. There comes the first one to solace. Can't really solace him. There one doesn't want to keep going. Then another one has to solace. And whom did he forget in the goal? The Schalke teddy bear.
Lukas: The Manu-boy.

kit_kattt uploaded the show so you can save it.

There you go

A short summary of it:

Lukas payed for a training ground being build in Bergheim, where he played as a kid himself. It cost 160 000 Euros (about 213 000 USD).

Manuel founded a foundation for children in Gelsenkirchen. It should help poor kids, as every third kid in that area is considered poor and he thinks that this has to be changed.
Go here to see more. (in German)

Lahm was asked if a marriage or a World Championship is the bigger event. He was silent for a bit and then tried talking around and ended up with saying that a marriage of course is more beautiful, because it doesn't take place every four years.
Claudia laughs and shakes her head at that.

Müller was not interested in playing abroad, as in his opinion Bayern is the best club in Germany, and even was considered second best in whole Europe last year.

The moderator joked with Lahm, Neuer and Podolski about the Bundesliga situation, about becoming Meister.
Moderator: To cool the mood a bit down again: One can't surpass Dortmund anymore?
Lukas: I have nothing to say to that! *laughs* (Köln is second to last in the table which means that if they stay there they will drop to 2. League instead of staying in the 1. Bundesliga)
Moderator: You also don't say anything, do you?
Manu: *laughs* For now. For now. (Here Lukas ellbows him and laughs)
Moderator: Actually all of you have nothing to say, right?
Philipp: We have to stay shut now. (Bayern München is Rekordmeister, but only 7th in the table now and has 17 points less than the first club, Dortmund)


Here the original post for Jahresrückblick (with screen-caps)

Here you can find the video on the TV channel's website

This is courtesy of soccergirl63 again

Here is a summary/translation:

Marcell and Arne aren't missing the Vuvuzela sound, but upon hearing it Arne remembers the World Cup and the emotions he had then.

Mesut says he's happy right now, but that he has achieved nothing so far.
The loss against Barcelona is bad, but they have to look forward to the next match.

Arne says that after Michael Ballack unfortunately was injured they had to get closer to one another, that they wanted wanted to party like in 2006, that they are a real team, a family, and that one can see this also when they're not on the pitch. They had a lot of fun.

The moderator mentions that Shakira was on plane with them and asks if there were discussions about who is allowed to sit next to her.
Marcell: "No, but I have to be careful what I say now. No, joke. .... One always expects that she's a very tall person, but she isn't. One always first had to look where she was, but then she already was there. Nah, it was interesting to say hello."

Marcell says that it was amazing to be in South Africa. Before the WC there were worries concerning the stadiums, savety and things, but everything was just perfect.

Moderator: "How was it to see the Chancellor in the dressing room? Were you glad to wear a towel?"
Mesut gives a small laugh, then: "She was already there before, but then I went back to the dressing room and she was there to congratulate us. It was a nice experience."
Moderator: "That's a very diplomatic answer."

Moderator: "We know about Mesut Özil that out of 100 games on PlayStation he wins 99, usually even one more, because he's a real professional."

Then he mentions that he now cn watch Marcell and Arne play the new Xbox game and judge their skills.
Marcell beats Arne 3:0 and receives a World Cup trophy they bought for 44€ from the internet, haha.
Marcell: "But I'll take that one with me!"
Moderator: "Sure. Now you also now where the Spaniards got theirs from."


This here brings you a Bastian Schweinsteiger video.

And here the translation for it:

"Recently he is world-wide considered as the best German footballer, so it's obvious that also in advertising companies are competing for him. Bastian Schweinsteiger visibly enjoys his new status. Next to his football big bang he also grew as a person. At the shooting one meets a not nervous football icon who falls into chattering and reveals interesting things, like for example the fact that he hasn't always been a fan of his current club Bayern München.

Bastian: One year I favoured Borrusia Dortmund, haha, but then I also stopped again. Uhm, of course, at Bayern München something is growing. We play attractive football. A lot has changed over the years. When I compare it; I joined in 2002 and when I see how we are training now, how the style of playing is of the team. And also the structure of the club is to be seen very very positively. Of course there are aren't many clubs on the planet who can offer this.

His love for Bayern, his respect for the club, he has embedded cleverly. At the moment Schweinsteiger is topic number one at the German Rekordmeister. The question if he will renew his contract with FC Bayern or if he could fall for the temptations of big clubs abroad, does not only bother the people in charge at the executive suite of the German example club. Schweinsteiger himself does not share any signals of the current state of decision to this topic. Noticeably are maybe only the praises for his club and the city.

Bastian: In comparison to other German cities you are more at peace in Munich when you are walking through the city. It is not the case that the people are very pushy. Uhm, personally I think that Munich has a really beautiful city centre. Also, of course, in summer the beer gardens and lakes. Uhm, and always again I am glad when I am arriving in Munich from some away trip or so. All together it is a gorgeous city.

One does feel how attached he is to his club and his city. And other point speaking for him possibly staying in Munich: Bastian Schweinsteiger about the luxury to have friends and family around him.

Bastian: Over the course of time also in my case this family feeling developed. I also am very glad to have an older brother with whom I'm phoning and have conversations with daily. My family is very very important to me. My parents, thank God, I do see very often.

He is Germany's best footballer and became the figurehead of FC Bayern München. When one listens to him then he probably will stay that for a long time."

I realized that Basti's grammar doesn't always makes sense and that sometimes he starts a sentence and during this sentences makes three different ones out of it. Sometimes a bunch of words hangs in the air and make not too much sense because neither the beginning nor the end of the sentence really connects those words and make them a sentence. I tried to correct that for him.

Also, if interested, I am offering to translate the following DFB calendar messages. I wondered if maybe very six days I should make a post with the new messages, and someone agreed. What do you think? Yes? No? At a later date? All on 24th? 

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