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Friedrich, Jansen and Özil on TV & DFB advent calendar

Another Mannschaft post? This soon? Yes, sorry about that. I would have liked to edit the other one with this, but then the size would have gotten out of hands, so I make a new post. Read if you support and skip (and sorry for that) if you don't care. There's a bit of Özil, so maybe also check if you like Real Madrid.

It seems not only Lahm, Neuer, Podolski and Müller were on TV, but also Friedrich, Jansen and Özil.
Mesut on a screen as well, just like Thomas, haha.

Not screen-capping so much here as you can do that yourself.
Giving a translation though.

Marcell won 3:0

Marcell and Arne aren't missing the Vuvuzela sound, but upon hearing it Arne remembers the World Cup and the emotions he had then.

Mesut says he's happy right now, but that he has achieved nothing so far.
The loss against Barcelona is bad, but they have to look forward to the next match.

Arne says that after Michael Ballack unfortunately was injured they had to get closer to one another, that they wanted wanted to party like in 2006, that they are a real team, a family, and that one can see this also when they're not on the pitch. They had a lot of fun.

The moderator mentions that Shakira was on plane with them and asks if there were discussions about who is allowed to sit next to her.
Marcell: "No, but I have to be careful what I say now. No, joke. .... One always expects that she's a very tall person, but she isn't. One always first had to look where she was, but then she already was there. Nah, it was interesting to say hello."

Marcell says that it was amazing to be in South Africa. Before the WC there were worries concerning the stadiums, savety and things, but everything was just perfect.

Moderator: "How was it to see the Chancellor in the dressing room? Were you glad to wear a towel?"
Mesut gives a small laugh, then: "She was already there before, but then I went back to the dressing room and she was there to congratulate us. It was a nice experience."
Moderator: "That's a very diplomatic answer."

Moderator: "We know about Mesut Özil that out of 100 games on PlayStation he wins 99, usually even one more, because he's a real professional."

Then he mentions that he now cn watch Marcell and Arne play the new Xbox game and judge their skills.
Marcell beats Arne 3:0 and receives a World Cup trophy they bought for 44€ from the internet, haha.
Marcell: "But I'll take that one with me!"
Moderator: "Sure. Now you also now where the Spaniards got theirs from."

You can find the video HERE
Unfortunately embedding isn't possible.

soccergirl63 uploaded the video! So also those who weren't able to watch it before can do so now.

DFB has made an online advent calender, where each day you can open a door and can watch a video with one person of the DFB team. It also has many player's greetings in it.
I translated the first six days of that calendar. It's not as if it's important what they say, but the awkwardness itself might be worth it.

1st December: Oliver Bierhoff:

"Dear fans, the year 2010 was an incredibly exciting, thrilling and successful year of international matches for the national team. I sincerely want to thank you for your support; for you always having been there for us; for you having supported us so fantastically at the public viewing areas, or at home, or in the stadiums. Stay faithful to us and I'm now just going to wish you a great Christmas time and am looking forward to seeing you in 2011."

2nd December: Mario Gomez:

"Hello dear football fans, I wish you, your family and myself great success for 2011, of course. Good health, everything that one should have, everything you wish for. Take care and enjoy yourselves. And we'll see each other."

3rd December: Per Mertesacker:

"Dear football-fans, a sincere thank you for the great year 2010. And furthermore many successes together in 2011. Anyhow I want to wish you a nice Christmas and a good start in the new year."

4th December: Andre Schürrle:

"Hello dear fans, 2010 was a really good year for me, and I hope for you, too. I wish you a nice Christmas and a good start in the new year."

5th December: Lewis Holtby:

"2010 was a great year for me, because I saw a very very good World Championship of my mother country, because I stayed healthy, because my family is healthy, and yeah, just because I always am on the pitch with happiness and passion. Yes, as I already said the year 2011 is coming close and I wish you, as I already said, a nice Christmas and of course, as I already said, lots of health and happiness as well. Yeah, have a good start in the new year and yes, furthermore thank you for the support and everything good to you. Thank you."

6th December: Bastian Schweinsteiger:

"Hello dear fans, first I want to thank you in the name of the team for the year 2010, for the great support. Of course I hope and wish for, and for you too, a nice year 2011 and wish you a beautiful Christmas and also good support from you in the new year."

For those who somehow missed it, HERE the link again to the advent calendar.
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