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Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Samir Nasri sends Arsenal to the top!

Arsenal 2-1 Fulham

Samir Nasri struck two goals of rare quality as Arsenal went top of the Premier League table with a 2-1 win over Fulham on Saturday.

Fourteen minutes from the start, he left two defenders on their backsides before thumping home from close range.

Diomansy Kamara equalised after Laurent Koscielny had been left dazed from an accidental collision with team-mate Sebastien Squillaci.

Fifteen minutes from the end, Nasri bustled into the area, rounded one defender and then the keeper before hooking the ball home.

Arsene interview

Wenger: 'I think there is more to come from Nasri'

On a hard-fought victory...
It was a good game. Overall I think Fulham played well and we played well. They put us under pressure because Gera and Kamara combined well and their midfield was efficient, they played quite a direct game to expose us with balls behind our defenders. We needed not only quality but sprit and resilience today and we got it. We scored two exceptional goals from Samir that were a combination of touch, intelligence, special talent and calmness. He needed to be patient to finish in both situations and he did very well. I’m happy because he had a game that at the start was only based on coming to the ball and now he has more variation in his game. His game is improving and of course he is more efficient.

On whether he has been Arsenal's best player this season…
It is always difficult to compare but what is important when you are a manager is that you want to get the best out of players and I always was a strong believer in him. Many people questioned me when I took him here but he is showing that he has exceptional talent and I think there is more to come from him.

On what he has improved about his game…
Like every player that is good on the ball he was too much attracted by the ball. We wanted him to do more runs off the ball, going in behind [the defence] without the ball because we have many players who can give him the ball.

On Fulham’s goal…
Having seen it again with the referee’s body position he believed Koscielny would go on because he didn’t immediately lie down. You can understand why he let the game go.

On the extent of Koscielny’s injury…
[He has] concussion. I don’t know what the medical people will say and how long he will not play.

On Johan Djourou's performance…
He is doing very well. He has been out for a year and as you have noticed I have rotated him a little bit. We do not want to lose him and a guy that has been out for a year you cannot play him three games a week. From the start of the season he has gone from strength to strength and today, in the difficult period when we had to defend in the air, he was dominant. He has not only shown dominance but also personality. That’s why I am very happy. He came here as a midfielder and we transformed him into a centre back.

On whether he has made a case for starting…
The players know that from game to game we rotate and everybody will have to start in our squad.

On the Arsenal defence...
I agree with you that at some stage we looked a bit vulnerable in the air but don’t forget we finished the game with five strikers on the pitch, so I expected to suffer from corners. Overall I believe in the second half our defenders dealt well with the high ball.

On whether Arsenal are good enough to win the Premier League...
We are good enough to go on that is for sure. Every single team struggles to be consistent and at the moment we are where we are despite losing three game. That means every game is a cup final and if you are not ready for it you will not take three points. We have the spirit and the quality but we faced tough opponents and it will be down to consistency. We are far from winning the championship yet, the only thing I can say is we have the spirit and the desire to fight for it.

LOL at Chamakh's face

GOOOOOAAAAAAAAL!! Samir "Quick Feet From Marseille" Nasri strikes!

Celebratory gif

Nasri loses his right boot but plays on!

Fulham takes advantage and scores an equalizer after Koscielny collides with Squillaci and is left concussed. Next time Kos, DROP TO THE GROUND so the ref will stop play!


Kos is stretchered off and Djourou comes on

This is begging for a caption

Eboue's only come to see the match

Robin van Persie's on the pitch!

And he's down after getting hit on the mouth by Fulham player Pantsil. Fortunately, he healed like dog and was up again.

Ballet lover Samir Nasri's second goal is poetry in motion!

Proud Papa Arsene!

Celebratory gif

LOL at Arshavin!

Well, that is one way to stop Sami Nasri...

Hips don't lie

Props to Fabianski, who has the 6th best save percentage in the league (compared to 16th last year for the Arsenal keeper). For reference, Van der Sar is 10th; Gomes is 11th; and Reina is 16th.

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