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Ready to Inspire. Russia 2018

I hope all noise and not adequate people calmed down a bit, so I could write this post.
Please be politically corrective.

“I want to tell you a little story about my hometown, Leningrad. The city was destroyed during World War II. There was no electricity, no heat and no food during winter, but there was football. Football helped the people to make it through this hard time. Football is especially popular in Russia. 2018 will be fantastic.”
Vladimir Putin, Russian Prime Minister

"I always feel proud for our country. And today, after Mr. Blatter announced that Russia has won the right to host the 2018 World Cup, I felt a tremendous sense of happiness. Happiness for my homeland, my people. Russians deserve to host a football festival in our land. It's nice that it's a common joy. Immediately after this historic decision, I received a lot of congratulating sms, by the way, they were much more than that day when I scored 4 goals at Anfield:)
I have already said that in case of victory of our bid, we will hold this championship worthy, at the very highest level. We are entrusted the right to host World Cup 2018. We will not let you down. Holiday-to-be:)
Andrei Arshavin, the captain of national team

All Russia is very excited now. We never hosted The World Cup, actually it's the biggest sportive event in Russia (including Sochi 2014) since 1980 when Moscow had Olympic games. And even now, 30 years later!!!, people remember that time with warmth and smiles because that was chance to become UNITED with the whole world. To show people your hospitality, share the culture in both ways.
As I understood people know very little about Russia. And I hope that it is the chance for people to know about this country much more than vodka, cold winter and gas. People in small russian towns know about other world little too and probably judge about you as you judge about us, thinking that information from Cold War is true.
We have many problems to solve unlike England which can host The WC even tomorrow. And that's why I'm very happy we won the bid. This is our chance to build new stadiums, to raise football spirit in youth much more. We want to improve and develop. And we can do it.
Football is the only thing in Russia which unites people. When we won The Netherlands (one of the favourites and strongest teams) in Euro 2008 all country didn't sleep all night, people walked on the streets and hugged unknown strangers like close friends. It was incredible! And now we have the goal... to host the greatest tournament so fabulously that all the visitors would fall in love with our country.

About racism or whatever. I live in Russia for 8 years and I'm not russian. I do not look like european russian. Nothing ever happened to me even though I live not in a very good gangsta district and travel late nights by train. I don't say there's not criminal. There is, but as in every country. Russia is a multi-multi-national country and huge rumours about racists killing foreign people are ridiculous. my comment on prices, filling the seats etc
I'm just sure that in 8 years we'll see one of the most beautiful World Cups in history.

Here are the stadiums we are going to have
5 stadiums

more stadiums

Video about little boy Sasha Denisov who dreams about WC in Russia (don't like this video though)

Why Russia never sleeps? We have too many time zones for one country.

Ready to inspire! or I can call this video funny accents of russian football players

So Welcome in 2018 :)

People celebrating

President is happy and ready to preapre properly.

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