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Qatar 2022 from a Qatari - Oh, happy day.

Before I start, let me clarify what this post is. This post will celebrate the successful bid for 2022 as the previous posts in this comm nearly brought me to tears. Those who congratulated in the previous 2 posts, thank you! Feel free to comment with your opinions, but please be considerate.

I had to stop reading the announcement post because it got me too emotional. Not emotional like last night when Sepp Blatter took out the card confirming we are hosts in 2022, or when the royal family started crying, or when me and my friends got together -- but made me very upset. I was late getting on, so I only saw that some trolls where banned for profanity and inexcusable terms used. So, I locked this post to members only.

No worries! I shall go on.


Look at this beautiful country. Isn't it wonderful.

We even made the biggest T-SHIRT in the world last week, as recognized by Guinness! It's a little awkward in the sides, but we did it!

Cue, wonderful stadiums...

A montage of our final presentation to FIFA...

WINNING!!!!!!!! Royal family cries, and the wonderful chairman speaks.

One of the reasons we won the bid is because of the amount of support. For the smallest nominated nation, no other country electrified their citizens as much as Qatar! When the team presented the bid everyone was watching -- even the blackberry service slowed down when the results were about to be announced because everyone was going nuts! Other than Qatar Nationals, almost all supporters are Arabs and some other regional national.

After the decision was made I realized it would bring a lot of visitors from all around the world to this small country and would open their eyes at our region and its culture, economics, religions, people, and that would be great to rectify the theory of “Tent & Camel” that is in the mind of people who don’t know us or suffer of Islamofobia.

Some of the rules people have mocked, are the problems with homosexuals, alcohol and dress codes. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, I've heard this alcohol complaint so much I want to rip my eyes out. The team have already addressed that it would be offered during the tournament. Concerning dress codes, I don't know who said you have to be fully covered, that is definitely not that case unless you lived in Qatar 20 years ago. The homosexual problem is only a problem if it's a public display issue.

”I know there have been rumours around saying it’s going to be an indoor World Cup, but all of that is false - it’s an open-air World Cup experience,” says Sheikh Mohammed, chairman of the bid. The technology that would be used to cool down all Qatar’s outdoor stadiums is designed to blow cool air on spectators.

It’s also promised that after the end of the World Cup 2022, Qatar will donate that cooling technology to developing countries in hot climates, so they can play football all year around. Additionally, the upper tiers of the stadiums will be disassembled after the World Cup and donated to countries with less developed sports infrastructure.

Without further ado, pictures:

Awaiting the results...

I'm loving this guy!

WE GOT IT!!! Everyone jumped so the earth shook a little. #fact


We can get creative. #fact

Meanwhile, in Zurich:

Zizou was ecstatic!

Our wonderful chairman Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Thani

Made my year, basically.

The Emir <3

Sheikha Mozah and Sheik Mohammed taking the moment in

Even Morgon Freeman was excited for us! (This may have been a miss-captioned uhm.)

I highlighted some of the bits explaining the bid and the voting process from a Washington Post article:

Qatar recieved the most votes from the executive committee by a wide margin in each of the first three rounds, and when Australia, Japan and South Korea were eliminated, it defeated the United States, 14 to 8, for the right to host the planet's most popular sporting event. ... But FIFA was also charmed by Qatar's innovative stadium plans, massive financial resources and the promise of promoting harmony in a region fractured by conflict. To counter average summer temperatures of 115 degrees, Qatar has proposed air-conditioning outdoor stadiums and other public areas. The oil-rich nation would also spend more than $50 billion on infrastructure projects and new stadiums. When the tournament ends, it plans to donate stadium segments to developing nations. "FIFA has taken this bold decision," Qatar bid chairman Mohammad bin Hamad Al-Thani said. "We acknowledge that there is a lot of work ahead, but we promise that we will deliver. We will deliver with a lot of passion and make sure that this is a milestone in the history of Middle East and the history of FIFA."

BTW, I do realize some Americans are pissed off, and Obama's comments shocked me -- but some have taken it to the extreme and posted groups on facebook to boycott 2022. That is just nuts. Your loss.

For this very particular group of American's I only have one thing to say:

With that said, LET'S CELEBRATE!!!

(Can we have a Qatar tag now?)
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