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Arsenal wins nail-biting thriller at Villa

Arsenal 4-2 Aston Villa

Gunners make a comeback after a horrible week and get a taste of being top of the league - may the taste of victory lead to a resolve to reach the summit again! AND stay there!

Oh, and wee Jack Wilshere scored his first Premier League goal.

Arsene interview

Wenger:'What happened last week had an impact today'

On a good win to end a disappointing week…
I believe we had three good performances and for me against Tottenham we played well. We had a lot of possession in a difficult game in Braga and we responded well today. Overall you focus on the performance – you do not always lose when you dominate games and that’s what happened today. We played well, Villa had a good response in the second half but we managed to find the resources to win the game.

On whether it was a surprising that it took so long to get the first goal…
We were very dominant and the only regret you have at that stage is that you do not score enough goals. At 2-0 at half time you feel among the players that what happened last week had an impact in their head. When it came back to 2-1 it was an interesting test for my team. We could crumble or we could score again and we scored again. Villa are a good side with good strikers and a solid defence but overall I think we dominated the game.

On the mental strength shown by his team…
This team is very interesting because they are on the same wavelength in the way they want to play and [the way] they fight for each other. It’s very interesting to see and I think there is a lot more to come from this team.

On Andrey Arshavin’s performance…
He has been very sharp today I feel. I felt he was always dangerous. A good test is when you like a player to have the ball and you always like him to have the ball because you feet he could make the difference.

On whether players had to step up in the absence of Cesc Fabregas…
No, not really. I feel we want ideally Cesc to be there but I was confident before the game. We have a way we want to play football. Of course Cesc has his special talent but I still feel that no matter who plays we can have good team play.

On going top of the Premier League…
That’s the modern world of football, it changes quickly. What you do is focus on the quality of what you want to do and let people judge. I feel we played very well against Tottenham and they created less chances than Villa did today but we lost the game.

On Arsenal’s poor home form…
I don’t believe we have [a problem]. I prefer to have the problem this way around than the other way around. At home at some stage you will get things right. There is no fear from the players. Maybe we want a bit more urgency at home and feel at the start a bit too confident.

Apparently, after the match, some of the players threw their shirts at the away fans, but there are no pics no show for it. How cruel.

Bobby Pires greets and kisses the Gunners

Bobby says hello to Arsene

About 10 minutes in, Kos collided with Carew and ended up with a bloody nose. Play was stopped while he received treatment.

Look at the blood on his sleeve!

The Russian Meerkat's goal ended his 11-game Premier League drought. However, he has been involved in more goals than any other Arsenal player in the PL this season (3 goals, 7 assists), and has a joint-Premier League high seven goal assists this season.

Celebratory gif

Sami's goal

Celebratory gif

Villa's first controversial goal: Carew parks himself in an offside position, in front of the goal, bent over, then just happens to straighten up in time to obstruct Fabianski's line of sight when Clark took his shot, interfering with play.

Chamakh scores

Celebratory gif

Bendtner looks kinda miserable

Jack's first PL goal!

A fan invades the pitch to join the man pile....

...another fan makes a run from another direction....

...and both are surrounded by security

Celebratory gif
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