Корина))))))) (c0rrine) wrote in ontd_football,

the not so friendly friendly

Ok I know many of you were much too busy watching the Oman vs Belarus friendly to pay attention to this game so I've decided to make a post to catch you up!!!!

If anyone has been wondering why I have been MIA lately it's because I've been taking a really extensive video edting course and boy, it's been consuming all my time!!!!! I hope you'll forgive me for my neglectfulness and I'll promise not to have kids anytime soon. Ok here is my video editing debut please go easy on me:

90 matches between these two sides have been played. 34 have gone to Argentina, 33 have gone to Brazil, 23 have ended in draws, and 33 pictures from today's game are under the cut.

the goalie is getting some

i'm really surprised lionel didn't have to stand on a phonebook to be seen behind the banner

zidane and a hot morrocan who only looks good from waist up were in attendance

ronaldinho was getting really annoyed with mascherano getting into his personal space

he thought of headbutting him...

but remembered zidane was watching. and didn't want to rip him off.

so he decided to flick him away like a sling shot!!!!!!

ronaldinho's aim was not the best though... masch just ended up getting in the way of his brasilian compatriots



so he tried again...

practice makes perfect.

i heard a rumour that the bigger the nostrils, the more likely you are to sneeze, and the greater the magnitude

di maria and elia mendes definitely felt the gust from leo's nose


didn't we just play together this weekend??????

there's a stereotype that athletes are dumb, but knowing how to count is essential to becoming a successful footballer.

so class, what comes after 8 & 9?

yo creo que el answer is one
(or maybe he was just yelling 'juan' )

um no chaval have another guess

yo creo que el answer is 'two'

i am concerned i think he needs a bit of help...

hola leo k tal amigo i'll give u a hint ;)

the answer might be on ronaldinho's back

and urs

yo its ok bro i know math wasn't your strongest subject i'll make sure this is between us

ok i appreciate it!!!! except binho is already judging me...

and there's already a pitch invader teasing me.... :(

heinze licked his lips and i was gonna make a joke about ketchup but those are old now

surprised this shirt did not burst into flames upon touching their bare skin

oh ya messi scored

never forget


Tags: corrine: redefining yellow power, friendlies, nt: argentina, nt: brasil, oh god please zzzo, picspam, pls dont say cunts, queefarse, tragedy strikes

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