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I have a huge boner for cannons

Holy fucking crap

Arsenal ace Ramsey sees best friend knifed in the face in bar attack

Arsenal star Aaron Ramsey saw his best friend horrifically slashed in the face as he tried to defend the player from a knife thug.

Rhys Hutcherson, 20, suffered a gruesome 5in gash that just missed his eye and needed 45 stitches.

Yet Rhys, nephew of a police officer, was held for assault while his attacker went free.

The childhood pals were on a night out in Cardiff when bar thugs began taunting the Wales and Arsenal midfielder, 19, for quitting the city’s team in 2008.

Fed-up Rhys and Aaron – recovering from a leg break earlier this year – left the bar.

When one yob followed, Rhys bravely stepped in to protect his pal and was attacked with the blade. One witness said it left “blood everywhere on the street”.

The lout ran off, evading the grasp of a chasing bouncer.

Rhys, blood gushing from his wound, found him minutes later and squared up to him. Both ended up needing treatment by 999 and hospital medics.

But while apprentice electrician Rhys, from nearby Caerphilly, was arrested and released on bail, the knifeman, 18, was allowed to go.

A source close to Aaron said yesterday: “Rhys is his oldest and closest friend. They have been best mates since starting school together. Aaron’s very upset about what has happened.”

A member of staff at the Tiger Tiger bar told how the pair had been abused by boozy louts.

The employee said: “Aaron Ramsey and his mate were enjoying them­selves. They weren’t drunk and they weren’t looking for trouble.

“A group of Cardiff fans spotted him and started giving him a hard time for leaving the club. They were calling him Judas and a deserter.

“Ramsey shrugged it off but these guys kept banging on about it and accused him of deserting his home club. They were taunting him.

“When his mate was stabbed later there was blood everywhere on the street. The guy with the knife ran off but a doorman caught him with a rugby tackle a couple of hundred yards down the street.”

The attacker wriggled free but was cornered by Rhys.

Police said of the October 31 brawl: “The 18-year-old had lace­ra­tions and a footmark on his face. The 20-year-old had facial injuries.” They are investigating the knife attack and later fight.

A spokesman said: “We have a lot more work to do.”

Aaron quit the Championship side in a £5million move to Arsenal in 2008. He is battling to regain fitness after a tackle at Stoke in February broke his leg.


OMG I'm just glad that Azza is OK!

Also he'll be playing for the reserves any day now. Shouldn't be too long until he finally plays for the first team. I will bawl my eyes out when that finally happens!


Click here to see a pic of his mate's slashed face.

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