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Jose Mourinho sits among mere mortals.

Real Madrid head coach Jose Mourinho claims it was in referee Paradas Romero's "nature" to send him to the stands during Wednesday's 5-1 Copa del Rey win over Real Murcia.

Mourinho was protesting a 37th-minute yellow card given to Mali midfielder Mahamadou Diarra when Romero adjudged him to have overstepped the mark and banished him from the touchline.

....Spanish press reported that Romero claimed Mourinho abused him after being booked for protesting, forcing him to send the coach to the stands.

"In the 37th minute, the manager Jose Mario dos Santos Mourinho Felix was given a yellow card for the following reason: raising his arms in the air, complaining about a decision I made," Romero reportedly wrote in his after-match summary.

"Once he was given the yellow card, he faced me and said, 'Go to hell.'"

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this post is dedicated to sparklytee. Learn how to calm down your man, woman! And ibuyu because honestly, who can resist a post about this team?
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