a song for lya (tabacoychanel) wrote in ontd_football,
a song for lya

this is a round-up

Various EPL October Player Awards


Etihad Player of the Month

is he deserving? or are people just tired of carlos winning all the time.
comment on a MCFC forum

Etihad Airways are the flag carrier airline of Abu Dhabi, United Emirates and the official sponsors of Manchester City Football Club

Manchester United Best Player of the Month


PFA Player of the Month


EA Sports Player of the Month


Barclays Premier League Player of the Month


oh, and david moyes (everton) was named barclays premier league manager of the month but i ain't gonna post a picture of him. let me know if i missed any player/awards and i will add them provided they are prettier than moyes. who was your player of the month, any team, any league?
Tags: david silva, i can now die hq happy, i climbed and conquered mount google, league: english premier league (epl), rafael van der vaart, samir nasri, yes please

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