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tottenham hotspur-inter milan from tuesday evening

hello all, i have recovered sufficiently to make a picspam of the match.

guess who showed up?

heh heh heh i think right now he's scored six times in five WHL appearances

the ballboy is my favorite person in the picture

but the fellow who made the balloon cockerel is a close second

there was a lot of this going on

Bale tried to do an overhead shot that barely missed the post! much shaking and crying ensued.

then there was a second goal! and who else but crouch made it? perhaps it was the combined force of everyone going "dude how did you miss that" during the one he missed in the first half.

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but don't get comfortable! it's eto'o, he's dangerous~~

can i just say that his freekick save earlier was great?

another goal followed, and tbh when bale was making his run all that really came to mind was "OMG WHAT IS THISSSS"

can i just insert myself here?

claps for everyone~~

As much as Gareth Bale rightfully has been getting attention for his performance in both Inter matches, I really was blown away by Modric the most. He had been admittedly off-form so far in the season but he was just so in control of this game, I was flipping out. With him and Lennon looking like they're getting back to their old selves I can't wait to see what happens next. But tbh most everyone was a boss during this game (especially the defense!), so it feels unfair to single people out

picture sources: one and two

Here's an article that warms the cockles of my heart

Tottenham embrace spirit of unity after beating Internazionale

• I can achieve everything with Tottenham, says Modric
• Redknapp namechecks Cudicini, Gallas and Kaboul

When one star shines so brightly, it is easy to squint at the others. Tottenham Hotspur's Champions League triumph over Internazionale yesterday was illuminated by Gareth Bale's brilliance yet the underlying theme of an evening when White Hart Lane embraced hedonism and adventure was the unity of Harry Redknapp's squad.

Bale is always the last man to feel comfortable in the face of plaudits and he set the post-victory tone by highlighting the contribution of Aaron Lennon on the opposite flank. Peter Crouch, who maintained his excellent European scoring record with the second goal in the 3-1 victory, carefully divided his praise between Bale and Lennon while there was credit, too, for Benoît Assou-Ekotto, the left-back, who dug in wholeheartedly behind Bale.

Redknapp took it a step further. After the manager had name-checked the goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini and the central defenders William Gallas and Younes Kaboul, he turned his attentions to the non-playing substitutes. One of the game's many memorable images came after Cudicini made a finger-tip save from Wesley Sneijder's 43rd-minute free-kick. As one, the Tottenham substitutes leapt up off the bench, as though they were celebrating a goal.

"I think what was important," Redknapp said, "or what is important on every night at any football club, is that you have people like Robbie Keane, who didn't get on, but in the dressing room he was fantastic – before the game, at half-time and at the end of the game. There were no sour faces sitting around feeling sorry for themselves because they haven't played and that's what makes good football teams and good football clubs. When you have a bit of spirit in your camp, you have a chance."

It is not unusual to hear a footballer say "there are some great lads" in the dressing room yet Tottenham's togetherness has real substance. Take the example of Luka Modric, who was the pick of the support cast against Inter. He knew he was a target for Manchester United and Chelsea at the end of last season yet he chose to commit to a new six-year contract. Qualification to the Champions League play-off round had been secured and, like many of his team-mates, Modric was excited.

"I think I can achieve everything with Tottenham and that is why I stayed and signed a six-year contract," Modric said. "I think all the players are thinking the same, not only Bale, but everyone. Tottenham is big enough for every player here. We all have long-term contracts and that is definitely a good thing for the club. It gives you stability. It's a good group and there is a great atmosphere in the team. We just need to keep going."

How far Spurs can go in their debut Champions League campaign is the tantalising question. Redknapp's men have showed they can rip into any team at White Hart Lane, even the European champions, and if they could win their next tie, at home to Werder Bremen, they would stride boldly towards the last 16. Tottenham's exuberance and fearlessness is contagious.

"If we play like we did against Inter, there is no reason to fear anyone," Modric said. "It is important to go through and then, we'll see. Everything is possible. Other teams will now look at us more seriously than before. After Inter, I think that they have to look at us."
article source
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