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The Man Who Made Me (and probably you) Cry

This is a Diego Forlán post, deal with it.

First of all watch this:

I've never made a post in this community, although I've been a member now for months. I'm known however, in the Uruguay National Team community, FuckYeahLaCeleste. However, as the Madrid Derby is Sunday, I thought it would be a perfect time to post about one of my favorite players and a vital player in my favorite national team.

As many of you know, Forlan won the Golden Ball in South Africa for best player in the world cup. He was one of the main reasons the Uruguayan National Team got as far as 4th place, after having a rough patch in qualifiers. However, he's also been in the spotlight for a while now. After not satisfying at Manchestor United he won the Golden Boot twice in La Liga during his years at Villarreal and Atletico Madrid. He scored the goals against liverpool in the Europa League semi-finals and eventually the 2 goals in the final against Fulham to win the Europa Cup for Atletico Madrid <3

He's been under fire lately for not scoring in the last 10 games after scoring against Champions League title holders, Inter Milan, to win the Super Cup. Sunday is the Madrid Derby, and although I am a fan of both Atletico and Real Madrid, I do have faith Forlan will score. <3

If you're still not in love with him... in a recent interview he responded to these questions:

- Best stadium: Old Trafford
- Best goal: One of Van Basten's volley against Germany 
- Best own goal: Ummm ... Complicated
- Music Group: U2
A city to be happy: Montevideo, Buenos Aires and Madrid
- Favorite Movie: The Life of David Gale
- A idol was: My sister, my mother and father
- A dream: to see my sister walk again.

:') excuse me while I go cry endless tears! This is because his sister is paralyzed, one of the reasons why he went into football, some reports say.

Forlan was even honored by the Uruguayan Association of Football to name the award for top scorer in Uruguay after him, Trophy Diego Forlan.

So without further ado, a picspam, GIF spam, and some videos.


Representing after his Europa League win:

Winning the Super Cup:

More recently he dedicated one of his goals to the recent passing away of a Uruguayan footballer, Diego Rodriguez:

More from the summer include, he arrived with the rest of the team in style to take Africa by storm:

National anthem time (what a wonderful team:)

Legend coming through:

Being a BAMF alongside Cavani:

His free kicks were the most entertaining:

Real Madrid Fans will recognize the man in the background, isn't Forlan gorgeous in this?

As vice-captain, he was sometimes captain, and checked on his appear-to-be-dead teammates <3

Scoring his 157,837 goal:

and scoring his 157,838 goal:

Smiles with the wonderful Luis Suarez on days off:

Forlan approves of this picspam:

and of course, approves with his shirt off:

UMM... Oops! How did that get in here?

He got support from his girlfriend, Zaira Nara:

Aren't they gorgeous together?

He scored a WONDERFUL goal against Germany:

This is how it went down:

Did you really expect any less from this man?..... YOU DID!? Forlan is judging you.


Again with the fantastic Edison Cavani:

This one speaks for itself:

He was welcomed back with open arms:

More recently he traveled with the team to China for a friendly in which Uruguay won 4-0:

and yes, that is Suarez using some practice time to train as goalkeeper, think of it what you will he looks so cute.

Some GIF's I got from random people:

The Good times:

The Nervous/Bad:

And the indescribable:

and of course, if you haven't had enough (and you haven't had enough of this man:)

EDIT: Also Forlan was in Crackovia:

Final pic, from the Uruguay homecoming and for everyone who's read this...

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  • Thursday

    News AFC Bournemouth can confirm that midfielder David Brooks has been diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma.…

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