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..Maybe Guardiola doesn't understand Norwegian humor?

Solbakken clashed violently with Guardiola after the match in Copenhagen.

Guardiola: - A coach should not say what Solbakken said.

OSLO / COPENHAGEN (Dagbladet): • FC Copenhagen - Barcelona 1-1

With an enthusiastic home crowd support, Ståle Solbakken managed a draw against Barcelona in Parken.

After the final game, FC Copenhagen players cheered as if they had won, while Ståle Solbakken and Pep Guardiola got off track in intense discussion.

It all started when they were being friendly with each other, but Solbakken seemed to get excited about the development of the conversation and was not calm when Sergio Busquets intervened.

After the match, it emerged that it was about a situation from the previous meeting between the teams. When the reserve goalkeeper Pinto was fooling Cesar Santin to believe he was offside on a golden transition opportunity.

 Pinto received a two match quarantine for the whistling and Solbakken said Monday night with a smile that "he could have had two more."

The comment was Guardiola not happy with.

- He (Solbakken) believes that four to five matches would be more appropriate. It's a shame, a coach should not say something like that. Pinto is an important part of our team and has always stood for fair play, "said Guardiola.

- You can ask him about what happened. He likes to speak at the press conference, "said the Barca coach.

"Bad Norwegian joke"

Solbakken said that the statement about the Pinto was meant as a "bad Norwegian joke."

 - Maybe Guardiola does not understand Norwegian humor, and i take the blame for that. But I tried to explain to him what had been said around the Pinto case, but he did not understand.
- It was just a bad Norwegian joke.  I respect Guardiola, he is one of the best coaches out there. I wish him no harm, "said Solbakken at the press conference after the game.

- It looked like you said "shut up" to Guardiola - did you say that? Asked Dagbladet.

- No, I can't remember.  I don't know exactly what I said, too much happened at once.

LOL. I laughed at this. It's not about Norwegian humor, it's about sarcasm. Solbakken is well known for his heavy, ununderstanable sarcasm.

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