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De La Red

Okay so i know it's not the 30th in many places yet but im gonna be busy tomorrow so i wanted to post it today. But hey, it's Saturday in Australia :)

Hey everyone, this is my first post so please bear with me. I've decided to do this because as im sure you're all aware, it's the 30th October. Which means, yes, Halloween's just around the corner but today also marks the two years Ruben de la Red has not been sashaying across numerous pitches and progressing through the ranks of football.

Unfortunately after much testing, doctors failed to find out what was wrong with him. He still has no idea what happened to him that night but he does know that playing could potentially kill him. After the deaths of footballers such as Antonio Puerta, he has been quoted as saying the following:
I have to think about Rubén before thinking about De la Red.

After missing the rest of the 2008/2009 season and also the 2009/2010 season, his shirt number was given to Raul Albiol but was told that he would have it back upon his return.

Everything that has happened to Ruben makes my heart ache.I hate knowing that medicine is not advanced enough to find out what's wrong with him ! He may be waiting around for years to come only to be told that he's never gonna play again. The 2 years he's been gone from football has obviously affected his form but i would love just to see him play with anyone/anything as long as it goes on for ninety minutes and his heart doesn't fail him. But honestly as much as i'd love to see this happen, i'm just glad that Ruben is still alive. He still has his family, friends and fans around him.
And a number of things that will keep him going on a day to day basis so let's just hope and pray for footballers, may no-one ever have to go through this again.

So talented :(

Also i think there should be a greater emphasis put on this subject as it seems to keep happening. Especially after what just happened to Miguel Garcia the other day :(

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