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Red Card Homophobia Contest

After just one month, this campaign has come a really long way.  Now it's time to pick it up a bit, and also have some fun at the same time.  Therefore we bring you our first

Red Card Homophobia Contest!

This contest is twitter-based, so if you want to take part you will have to have a twitter account (don't worry if you don't have twitter, there'll be other contests later).

The rules are simple:

Reply to this post with your twitter username, so we know who you are.

Get footballers, football blogs, clubs, etc to RT our hashtag (#redcardhomophobia).  Be creative!

The contest will be open for one month, so it will end on November 26

We will keep track of the RTs with the @redcardhomophobia twitter account.

At the end of the month, whoever has managed to get the "biggest name" to RT us will win a paid LJ account!
This post has a list of various players, clubs, blogs, siblings, etc that are on twitter, if you want to use that as a starting point.

Here is an example for something you could write:

@insert person Help us fight homophobia in football. RT #redcardhomophobia @RChomophobia

And here are sentences in some other language:

@insert person Por favor ayúdenos a luchar contra la homofobia en el fútbol. RT #redcardhomophobia @RChomophobia


@insert person S'il vous plait, aidez-nouz à lutter contre l'homophobie dans le football. RT #redcardhomophobia @RChomophobia


@insert person Bitte helfen Sie uns Homophobie im Fußball zu bekämpfen. RT #redcardhomophobia @RChomophobia

You can find other translations in
this post.

So have fun, and let's see who we can get to RT us!!

Can we maybe get a red card homophobia tag?

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