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Like a magpie I live for glitter, not you

Prayer Circle please!

Miguel Ángel García Tebar, a UD Salamanca midfielder had to be urgently taken to hospital today after collapsing in the middle of the match that his team was playing against Betis.

The player collapsed suddenly in the 59th minute of the game and team doctors had to act urgently - having to resort to on field resuscitation because Miguel Angel was in cardiac arrest.

After opening an airway, the club's medical services used a defibrillator to restore normal heart rhythm to the 31 year old and he left the Helmántico conscious and, once in the Clinical Hospital of Salamanca, doctors confirmed that he was in stable condition and underwent a series of tests to verify the situation.


I was listening to this game on the radio and it was really scary to hear of a player collapsing, especially as nobody knew what was going on and then he had to be resuscitated on the pitch. He was concious and moving when they stretchered him off but he's been taken straight to hospital for more treatment and tests.

I'm just glad that the doctors acted quickly and from the sounds of things he's going to be alright but it scared the hell out of me because the second I heard he collapsed my mind went straight to Puerta and De la Red :( 
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